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Spirit Junkies! I’ve felt a ton of gratitude lately for all that I have. The small stuff, the big stuff, the ~ing stuff etc. Therefore, I wanted to dedicate this week’s vlog to heightening your awareness of gratitude and appreciation. Focusing on what you do have creates more of what you want. In this video I share some of what I appreciate most in my life. Then I invite you to do the same. If this vlog inspires you to focus on what you appreciate then share it with me in the comments below. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

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  1. Great down to earth post – love it! Ok, so I appreciate … flat shoes fitting into my purse (where I can do a switcharoo to high heels right before I meet a client), I appreciate the holiday Starbucks pumpkin spice latte yuuummmmm, I appreciate that I have electricity when so many other people lost theirs during this past Saturday’s snow storm, I appeciate contact lenses (I fuss too much with glasses plus I smudge them), I appreciate sooo much my loving/caring/handsome/thougtful husband, I appreciate my assistants (so grateful for all their help and desire to learn), I appreciate the sun shining on my face – sooo soothing, and … ok ok I can go on and on. I appreciate Gabrielle for taking the time to create these great vlogs ; )

  2. First and foremost I appreciate that I AM LIFE, and waking up every day to experience this life. I appreciate my neighbors who live in front of me because they are the best any person can hope for and have become real friends. I appreciate my neighbors behind me because they are a really kick ass band and when they practice I can hear it & it becomes my dinner music or whatever, i thoroughly enjoy it. I appreciate the fact that i live one block from the beach. I appreciate having a small apt because there isnt much to clean ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate my cat Punky for being so furry and loving me unconditionally. I appreciate the dudes who work at the corner store cuz they are just the sweetest. I appreciate BEING ALONE because i am a recovering co-dependant, and now I LOVE BEING ALONE. I appreciate people for the life that they are. Every person i see on the street, every plant, every animal, I appreciate you. Every close friend is appreciated and every person i have chosen to love from a distance, they are all appreciated. I appreciate you Gabby because you were my first GOD-SENT MESSAGE on my path to spirituality. There is a ton more, but I’m sure people would APPRECIATE me not going on & on forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I appreciate my life…I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me in Colorado….I am grateful for all the friends and family that filled my wedding day with love and joy….I am grateful for my new husband :)…..I am grateful for travel…..I am grateful for your work Gabby that continues to ground and transform me.

  4. I appreciate having instant access to so many inspiring people – I appreciate Gabby’s post and ALL of the comments left here. I appreciate working in a place where laughter, chatting and connecting has never been discouraged….in all the 9 years I’ve worked here! And I appreciate this moment –

  5. I appreciate this vlog. I appreciate teachers and guides like Gabby that show us the path to inner freedom and happiness, or remind us of it if we have forgotten. I appreciate my loving, fabulous boyfriend and spiritual running buddy. I appreciate my two cats who are my ‘furchildren’ and who remind me every day like Angela above that it’s not all about me lol. I appreciate my good health, my energy, and the inspiration I have every day to paint.

  6. I appreciate my family. They’re such beautiful amazing people. I appreciate having good food to feed my body, and I appreciate all the wise people that have come before me, and written down their wonderful thoughts. Thoughts which help guide me on my journey. I really appreciate that they shared their wisdom with the world, when they could have kept it to themselves.

  7. Gabby ๐Ÿ™‚ What version of Lou Reed’s “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” is that?

    I appreciate that! I appreciate discovering new things, I too appreciate coffee in the morning, I appreciate music I can sway too, and sunny days when I have nothing to do except be, I appreciate not having a car anymore, the mornings spent sharing a car have brought me so much closer to my mom, I appreciate the crush I have on a drummer ๐Ÿ˜‰ And when he kisses me I feel something so indescribable and never before felt. I appreciate sad and disappointing moments for keeping me humble and a little down to earth. Otherwise I appreciate moments of elation and feeling on top of the world!

    Mostly I appreciate exactly where I am in life! The present moment, the second that exist only right now.

    Gabby ๐Ÿ™‚ feel the LOVE! Because I sure <3 you!


  8. Amazing vlog sister!!
    I appreciate my little cozy cabin in LA, I appreciate my family, I appreciate my work with S and being a miracle worker, I appreciate my friends, I appreciate genuine side-splitting laughter, I appreciate my all saints leather jacket, scarf, as dansko clogs, I appreciate the artwork that is always changing on the walls of the arclight theater in hollywood, I appreciate vermicelli Vietnamese food in echo park and in NYC, I appreciate my s factor studio that I dance in and grow in, I appreciate my students, I appreciate fresh young coconuts and the guys at whole foods, I appreciate being bi-coastal, I appreciate my life teachers and I appreciate big hugs and passionate kisses!
    Thanks for being a power of example always!!!

  9. I appreciate your new vlog formats. So much more fun and revealing!
    I appreciate the abundance and wealth of wisdom my parents have planted in my mind from an early age. It allowed me to, at age 22, fully understand the importance of this type of lifestyle and see clearly what buddha, jesus, etc. were saying — all in their different ways.
    I appreciate the opportunities at my very fingertips if I choose to take them.

    Thank you!

  10. I am super greatful for my wonderful job, my family, friends, the beautiful weather today, my cute & cozy apartment, my pink laptop, pumpkin spice latte, Kundalini yoga, & the many many self-development resources out there that I’m being guided to. I love my life.

  11. I appreciate that my son thinks I did a great job of raising him, and tells me he loves me. I appreciate that my husband loves me enough to want me to spend retirement with him. I appreciate that my parents are still married and very much in my life. I appreciate that my brother is able to be gay and married to his wonderful partner. I appreciate my kitty cat who loves me unconditionally. I appreciate that God has touched my soul and made me whole again. Bless you all.

    – my family & friends (without their strength & support I would not be the person I am today)
    – my students who I am forever learning from
    – the quiet & peacefulness of early morning or late at night
    – good conversation
    – my teachers from every aspect of my life
    – my fellow spirit junkies
    – my failed romantic relationships (they’ve helped me grow into the beautiful person I am today)
    – the feeling of sand between my toes
    – unexpected phone calls/ texts that make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚
    – nature
    – ahhhh the list could go on and on… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I appreciate:
    Ice coffee in the morning
    My family and friends
    A sneaky smoke when no ones looking :|~
    Sleeping in
    A nightly walk to shorncliffe pier

  14. i appreciate:
    smiles from strangers
    friendly bus drivers!
    patient people
    fresh wild ripe fruit
    wild leafy greens!……..and much more

  15. I’m so grateful for being able to receive “Love” from so many different sources, family, friends, nature, pets etc. I’m so thankful that random strangers smile at me, allowing me to notice the kindness in their eyes. Also grateful for Marshals and finding great deals! Like my Alpaca throw. Thank you for inpirational vlogs.

  16. I’m jumping on this!!!

    I am appreciative for my family. Without them I’d be lost. I have lots of family and try to give as much as what they give me. Even the ones that aren’t “in-funct” (as opposed to “de-funct”).

    I am thankful for my house, working cars, the rain we needed so much, my friends!!, scary movies, music, the sun, writing, my pups (never ever stay mad at me), my neighbors, my ability to type fast, my obsessive child (he helps me stay on the right track to eating gmo/msg free foods), free will, freedom of speech, Avon, my hair, dancing, great colored felt tip pens, mac computers, art, volunteers and candy,

    for starters…….

  17. Today started out a bit rough. No sunshine and I, too, am trying to kick the caffeine. (CSD convert) But this brightened my day and put my perspective back on track! I am grateful and so truly blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband to partner with me in this life, two lovely felines who remind me daily that it’s not about me (it’s about them ๐Ÿ™‚ and a job that allows me to be real and free every day!
    Happy Gratitude!

  18. Thankyou so much for your beautiful vlogs, i haven’t received your books yet, i live in the uk, but they are ordered and i can not wait to read them, i know that they will help me and my family so much.
    You are beautiful , kind and brilliant thank you again for making me smile and for opening my heart and the possibilities of life for me.
    Thankyou also for your wonderful herfuture network that i have just come across , i feel so lucky to have this amazing support system, masses of love, Chrissyxx

  19. I have a friend who talks about going on a “Gratitude Rampage”. It’s such a useful tool for when you’re feeling low. Instead of spewing hatred or anger, you’re quickly naming all of the things you love about your life, which raises your vibration because you’re changing your focus to love. Thanks for the reminder that we all need love and appreciation in our lives. <3

  20. I love this! I appreciate this! So awesome to see your lovely space, and feel the power of gratitude. Very cool. I appreciate my stuff more now too! (My new fiorentini and baker boots, two crazy kids singing and vlogging in the other room… my work too! my meditation and writing space…. am now going to clip some fresh lavender from my deck and add it to the space, light a candle and say thanks.)

  21. I appreciate my essential oils- I call it my wall of abundance because they are all lined up along my wall and they are so beautiful and healing.
    Gabby, have you tried Dandy Blend? It’s a healthy coffee “substitute”. Great hot or cold… and terrific with stevia… or plain… yum

  22. The Secret is out! Gratitude is thee Attitude;) If you think you are fortunate then you ARE!!!! (& no one can take that truth away from you) Thanks for teaching, XOXO- Shelly

  23. Gabby!! This is seriously one of my favorite vlogs you’ve ever done! I love them all but this one is super cool and FUN and YOU and laced with msg!! Loved it!!! xoxo OH…grateful for my spiritual sistas, recent progress in my clueberry world (upcoming new site that’ll rock my tween fans world!) Grateful for the Kris Carr b/c I am CRAZY AND SEXY but I totally was missing out on how supercharged my life could be when I was supercharged on green juice & veggies. Grateful for YOU! Keep it up gorgeous!

  24. First of all, I appreciate that your vlogs always seem to give me what I need when I need it. I appreciate that after months of pushing, I finally seem to have work and money coming together. I appreciate giving up some not-so-nice vices for a clearer head and healthier body. I appreciate your books helping me believe in myself again and I appreciate you for doing what you do. <3

  25. I appreciate this VLOG, which was entertaining and inspiring. I appreciate you. I appreciate my family, my dog, my friends, and myself. I appreciate my second interview tomorrow. I appreciate the gorgeous weather today. I appreciate my talents. I appreciate learning new things. I appreciate love and I appreciate the direction my life is finally taking after a very long hard year.

  26. I appreciate throwing the football around with my brother while making each other laugh. I appreciate my yoga instructors. I appreciate Ezekiel bread. I appreciate the boundless love from my family and friends. I appreciate journaling. I appreciate the Internet. Bam ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. LOVE THIS!! I do a weekly Things That Made Me Smile on my blog and it helps me keep things in perspective. You have to appreciate what you have to have more of what you want! This seriously inspired me to go and list everything that made my week–I’ve been slacking on my blogging. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  28. Gabby,You are awesome,I have no words to describe What are miracle you are,And you are so creative,Every week you make such miraculous Vlogs,where you get inspiration for your Vlog titles:) they just sound so connected,so musical,so light and at the same time so Deep ! It’s just so lovely to see you in this Vlog being so lightful,so easy going,such simplicity comes from You,despite that You are such a Huge Messenger ! And all your appreciations in the Vlog,especially ACIM,its speechless,Through you I got that message,that voice that I must to buy ACIM,and I do have it as I do have your Spirit JUnkie ! Gratitude is really a foundation for abundance! I am grateful for my awakening and in between all the stuffs I am thankful for,I do aprreciate you,You ,Gabby are in my list of The Teachers that made and still making impact and will continue!

  29. Gabby, you are awesome! I loved your books, I loved them so much I still carry them in my purse even though I finished them weeks ago. I appreciate the light you shine on everyone you touch. You have brightened my already bright days. I appreciate the beauty you inspire. I have 3 gorgeous daughters and share your work with them even though they are 11, 9 and 6. They are my angels and so are you!

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