Activate Your Resolutions – 3 Tips for Today

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As I was preparing the icebox cake for tonight’s New Years Eve dinner I began thinking about what type of speech I’d give. (Obviously I’m giving a speech:) I thought of sharing gratitude, appreciation and announcing my intentions for the New Year. Then my ~ing spoke up and said, “Get your guests in on the action…” Immediately my inner guide led me to an image of my guests around the table with a box in the center. I saw each of them writing on three separate sheets of paper.

Sheet One: They wrote out what negative behavior they wanted to release in the New Year

Sheet Two: They wrote out a powerful intention for someone else (even if they don’t know the person/people)

Sheet Three: They wrote out their own intention for the New Year

I then saw each person place Sheet One in the box at the center of the table. This was the recycling box. My ~ing guided me to take this box to the recycling bin and ask the Universe to recycle these old behaviors allowing Mother Earth to transmute them.

Then with Sheet Two I was guided to tell my guests to bring it home and burn it. By burning this intention they will acknowledge that the Universe is taking care of it.

Finally, my ~ing led me to an image of my guests reading Sheet Three out loud around the table. The purpose of this step is for the group to fully commit to their intentions by sharing them with others.

This imaginative journey lasted about two minutes. As soon as mind returned to my icebox cake I was clear and confident in my plan of action. Then I was guided to share these steps with you. Begin to activate your own resolutions now by posting your three steps in the comments below. Offer up your negative behavior for transmutation, pray for another person and set a powerful intention for yourself. Make this New Year a trasnformational time in your life by clearing space, sharing love and believing in your desires.

Finally, if you’re inspired to take further action towards committing to your resolutions, join me on the HerFuture Posse “Make Change Stick”. I will be leading the posse through thirty-days of positive change. This adventure begins tomorrow so JOIN US TODAY 🙂

May you be happy, healthy and surrounded by love!

Happy New Year,

2010 Reflections from gabriellebernstein on Vimeo.

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