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Our inaugural Holiday Auction is LIVE! 🎉

Click here to bid on Zooms with members of Congress, one-on-one virtual meetings with famous celebrities, and tons of great personalized experiences.

PLUS, you'll be helping to elect Democratic moms!

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2 days ago
You are the guru... A clip from my interview on the Under The Skin podcast with @rustyrockets https://t.co/8p4cthSnwD
4 days ago
This is the #mantra in my #MiracleMembership this month.

Retweet if you surrender 2020 and welcome something new 👇💖 https://t.co/Gr2syhWgkP
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1 week ago
"I'm seeking solutions. All my solutions are on the way." - Gabby Bernstein https://t.co/BHRvoCeSsS GabbyBernstein photo
1 week ago
Before starting your day, write a #RampageOfAppreciation in your journal. Write 3-5 pages about what you appreciate most. This can include anything. Really feel the #appreciation flow through you & notice as your energetic vibration is raised! #spiritualpractice #miraclesnow
1 week ago
Before going to bed tonight, open your #journal & take an inventory of your day so you can celebrate your #miracles. Write down all the wins you had — even if they seem minor, like being first in line at the bank. Celebrate your wins before you fall asleep! #spiritualpractice
2 weeks ago
A great way to connect with your spirit guides is through #journaling. At the top of the page write, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for writing with me. Thank you for revealing what I need to know.” #journalprompt #spiritguides #theuniversehasyourback
3 weeks ago
What is #impostersyndrome? Watch now...
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Gabby Bernstein1 day ago

Check out my four favorite books on manifesting 👇👇👇

Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein2 days ago

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for something major coming your way!!!!

#manifest #theuniversehasyourback #deargabby #spiritjunkie #loa #manifestingchallenge #manifestation

Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein3 days ago

One simple tip to start manifesting your desires 👇

Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein4 days ago

Surrender and let the Universe catch up with your dreams. #theuniversehasyourback #superattractor #deargabby

Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein4 days ago

The mantra in my Miracle Membership this month is:

I Surrender 2020 And Welcome Something New...

(If you're not yet a Miracle Member, sign up here and get instant access to this month's content and ALL past content...

Gabby Bernstein
Gabby Bernstein5 days ago

3 BIG do’s and 3 BIG don'ts of manifesting. Follow these tips to start ATTRACTING your desires TODAY! 👇

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