Resilience isn’t about pushing past our feelings or ignoring them. In order to be truly resilient, we must be able to feel our feelings. #resilience
When you don’t know how you’re going to get through something, the answer is to give it over to a higher power of your own understanding.
The Universe will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. All the greatest healing I’ve experienced in my life has come from an experience that the Universe placed in front of me and not something that I made happen. #theuniversehasyourback
Radical forgiveness, moment-to-moment forgiveness, is one of the greatest tools for living a miraculous life. Judging and attacking yourself only keeps you in the chaos. Forgiveness sets you free. #selflove
We can’t outrun fear, but we can look at it, acknowledge it and say, “It’s time to move on. It’s time to open up more, heal more and love more.”
When we love and accept ourselves, we shine brightly—and that energy radiates outward, inspiring others to do the same.
Let go of what others are saying and putting on you. You can be free to resolve whatever it is that is unhealed within you when you let go of others’ expectations and projections. #relationships
Good-feeling emotions create momentum and power. It is your divine duty here on Earth to bring forth that greatness, that goodness, that light.
Rather than trying to change someone else, put the mirror back on yourself and say, what is it within me that is ready to develop more? What is it within me that is ready to grow more?
Remember, you’re never alone. Spiritual guidance is always available to you, and you can call on this guidance anytime. #spirituality #selfhelp
Readiness is the first step on the path toward certainty. Are you ready to detach from the narratives, fears, and limitations of the world? Are you ready to put your greatest visions above the littleness of your fear?
There is an ever-present energy of love that is supporting you and around you.

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