How to Practice Self-Care (This Changed My Life)

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Note: Updated in January 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

Do you feel like you’re constantly putting other people first? Do you get so busy that you stop taking care of your own needs, and then feel depleted and sick? If so, you’re in need of a radical act of self-care!

I recently hit my own bottom in the self-care department. I had been moving so fast — working, traveling, being a wife, a friend, and a teacher — that I’d lost track of my own needs and well-being. And it wasn’t helping anyone! My body was breaking down, I was tired all the time and I had terrible neck pain. Finally, I had no other choice but to choose again.

When you show up for yourself you can show up for the world more completely. @gabbybernstein Tweet it!

How to practice self-care

To get out of the cycle and realign with peace, I committed to a practice that changed my life. Watch this video to learn how I practice self-care and start applying it in your own life today.

The simple and powerful ways I practice self-care

I made a commitment that every day I would commit to a radical act of self-care. Sometimes it might be one new commitment a day, and other times I’ll make one commitment and stick to it for a month. As long as I have that one radical act of self-care each day, I can stay in alignment with my flow and positive energy.

Some examples of my radical acts of self-care are:

    • Taking a bath
    • Sitting in stillness
    • Meditating a little bit longer
    • Starting my first moment of my day with my meditation rather than waiting until after breakfast
    • Go for a long walk and be in nature and be outdoors

Sometimes a radical act of self-care is to go get a hand massage or a manicure. Other times it’s to eat something I’m craving. Speaking up for myself is another awesome act of self-care.

I encourage you to make this commitment, too: One act of self-care every day!

Change your self-perception

Take this practice further with guidance from my book May Cause Miracles. In this video I cover Week Two, which is all about creating a new self-perception. Watch below:

Take this practice deeper with the May Cause Miracles virtual course

May Cause Miracles Digital Course

The May Cause Miracles virtual course is based on my book, taking you through all 6 weeks via HD video or audio!

This course will help you create beautiful, radical change by adding up subtle shifts every day of every week.

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