A Kundalini Meditation for Resolving Inner Conflict

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Note: This post was updated in 2018.

I just finished the first 56 hours of my Kundalini teacher training! I was inspired to vlog about the importance of a committed spiritual practice and to offer you an awesome Kundalini meditation.

Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex meditation

In this video I offer you a Kundalini meditation called Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex. My intention is to help you commit to your own daily practice, no matter your starting point.

Begin right now with this meditation.

Breakdown of the Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex meditation

Pose: Sit in Easy Pose (legs crossed).

Eyes: Close the eyes 9/10ths of the way.

Mudra (hand position): Place your hands on your chest, with your palms down. Your fingers point
toward each other across the chest.

Breath: Inhale completely for 5 seconds. Exhale completely for 5 seconds. Then hold the breath out for 15 seconds, and lift your chest out as you pull in your navel point.

Time: Practice this for 11 minutes. You can begin with just a couple of minutes and build up as you strengthen your breath practice. Even a few minutes of the Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex will deliver beautiful results!

To end: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms up over the head. Exhale as you shake your arms and hands for 15 seconds.

Feel spiritually connected every day!

I created my Miracle Membership to make it incredibly easy to stay spiritually connected every day! Each month you get a new meditation, exclusive podcast episode, archived lecture and more. There are lots of Kundalini meditations in the archives! Check it out here.

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  1. Hi Gabby
    I have been reading miracles now. I started doing this meditation and I am on my 5th day. Last night I woke up at one and prayed god to give me guidence. You came to my dream and were trying to writte but couldn’t. You said in my dream:” go and be the magic”.
    I feel very grateful to universe for people like yourself. Thank you!

  2. Gabby what book or dvd do u recommend to start a kundalini practice. I know live in Germany and I don’t access to any course in my area. I would really like to learn it and pass it on to my children. I would really appreciate any fees back to you have for me :))) sending u many blessing!!! Muah!

  3. Congratulations on your 7 years- thank you for the daily meditation – you bring so much with your meditations and now more with kundalini,as well. you are such a gift to me/the world.

  4. Thank you for your gift to us in opening up your life and your work.

    Your comment about the importance of taking time for silence to connect with yourself and with God really spoke to me. I’ve been focusing on internal and external integration, and I’m finding meditation and prayer is a key part of harmony.

    Grace & peace,

  5. Hi Gabby! Just discovered u tonight! Yay, so fun. Excited to browse ur website more, but initially was guided to ur kundalini video. I’m looking into a level 1 training off of the 3ho site, but can I ask where u trained? Xo’s!

  6. I am so happy for you and congratulate you in your recovery. Truly amazing.

    I just attended a conference on process addictions and often thought about you and the power of spirituality within the recovery process. Many therapists/individuals sadly and dangerously miss this integral piece.

    I have been practicing Kundalini for the past few weeks and am grateful for your introducing it to me (in the frog pose vlog :)).

    Thank you for this meditation! I just love you and hope to be able to drive up from San Diego to LA to hear you speak this Friday!

    Keep workin’ it sister!

  7. Gabby, I did the meditation this morning. With tears streaming down my face. (long story.) And, I couldn’t seem to hold the full exhale for 15 seconds after the 5 seconds of breathing out. Is this just a matter of conditioning? Thanks lady, I need this. Badly.

  8. Yes, today I commit to 30 days of doing this meditation. I need inner conflict resolve more than ever right now. Thanks for bringing it at just the right time Gabby.


  9. Congrats Gabby!

    What an accomplishment! I find you truly inspiring in how you’ve taken your passion and your insight and shared it with others.
    I am terrible at taking time for myself but I have been trying to get better at it (with your help and the help of others). In honour of your re-birthday, I will committ to this meditation.

    Keep on being amazing!

  10. I join you for a daily ten minute meditation…to start my day before my work as a special ed. teacher. Thank you for your wonderful weekly vlogs, and congrats.

  11. Thank you Gabby so so much!
    I needed this.
    I also want to say, your book has helped me become a better person, and i feel much happier now. I feel like I’m connected with the universe! I’m still in the process…
    You are amazing! Keep doing what you do! Congratulations!

    **sending love, from Canada.** ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. What a remarkable request to ask others to commit to a spirtual practice for your anniversary! How can we say no?
    As someone who has tried and failed to start a spiritual practice before, what tips do you have for sticking with it, not letting life and bad habits get in the way?

  13. Thank you for sharing this!! You’re awesome and I wouldn’t be the committed woman I am now without your work. Thank you!

  14. I just wanted to say that your Vlogs (and books) are extremely inspirational. As I face some obstacles through my life right now, it’s is your words that make me feel that these obstacles are a blessings in disguise. I get excited for your posts! As well, happy 7 year anniversary! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. You rock babe.. you are so blessed! Congrats on 7 years girl. I have no doubt you will continue to bring more miracles into your life and everyone you touch. With juicy love, Ingrid

  16. You look so absolutely amazing in this video. There is a new calm in your eyes and your smile that radiates right through my computer. God wasn’t kidding around when he sent you to help the masses. Blessings and love to you.

  17. Sat Nam
    Isn’t kundalini yoga amazing. I did my teacher training last year with Karta Singh in France. I loved it. One of the students asked “What happens if you stop doing the yoga” to which another replied “You’ll find you can’t stop doing it.” It is the most powerful yoga I have found. A fellow yoga sent this to me today which is wonderful for people who just want to dip their toes in.

    It’s a book with 22 x 3 minute exercises that you can use to change your mood, your thoughts, your day and little by little your life. We can all find 3 minutes especially we can change those awful moments.

    What a great post and great meditation. Surprised and delighted you are spreading kundalini yoga

    x Eilish

  18. Wahe Guru Gabby.
    “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on.”
    Sat Nam


  19. Beautiful Gabby:

    Thank you so much for sharing this video and message! I am very interested in exploring Kundalini further and was wondering if you have vlogged/written about your practice before; I’m specifically wondering how long you’ve been exploring Kundalini, and what have been your learning sources thus far? Also, might it be possible to share where you just did your teacher training, or if there are any resources/classes in the NYC area which you recommend?
    Many thanks – you are amazing. Shine on, sister!

  20. Kundalini is an AMAZING practice. SO wonderful that you are on this journey and sharing it with all of us =) Congrats on your 7 years. Have a blessed day and thank you for all you do.

  21. Totally dig your courage and strength to be who you are and teach the way you do. I am officially inspired and motivated. Question: Are you 100% sober, no drinking at all? I have been wanting to take the 100% sober path as well lately but it can be crazy scary, like isn’t life about balance? How can I just LET GO once and for all. Is that even healthy to be SO rigid? Thanks for your feedback. You are a total rockstar! xo

  22. Gabby, On your anniversary, I want to Thank you so much for all that you do everyday. You make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing your message and helping myself and so many others grow in our spiritual practice. You Rock!!!

  23. Gabby, you are rockin’ it so beautifully ~ You radiate through my screen!!

    I commit for the entire month of October to the daily, 11-minute meditation.

    Your email came at the perfect time!

    I’m also in a daily 60-day copywriting course, as well as a 30-day productivity course.

    Adding this meditation to my morning routine just sealed it all perfectly. Just what I needed.

    Keep rockin’ !!

  24. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing what you have accomplished so far and I know you are here to expand and open our hearts.

    But, more importantly, WHERE did you get that necklace and earrings for that matter!! kidding…but not really! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad you are learning and sharing your experience with Kundalini Yoga. I am also doing teacher training, what an amazing journey it is! Looking forward to hearing more and congrats on your anniversary!

  26. Gabby!

    Your are wonderful!!!!! Congrats on your huge success of being sober, you are a true teacher to all of us on the path! This practice is exactly what I need these days, so I can’t thank you enough for introducing it today, but I start it with practicing it every single day, not just for 30 days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, I have know idea if anyone has ever told you this before, but you are a shining person, your inner light shines through your videos, which is so cool, since I live very far from you in Hungary. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!!!!!!!

    Much love!

  27. What a beautiful gift to share! My morning meditations and prayers have changed my life. It was very difficult to commit to this practice around 5:45am each morning but I can not put into words the amazing impact it has had on my life and the world around me. I am the mother of two beautiful, active children & the co-owner of a brand new, booming business. I thought I did not have time for daily meditation and now that I have committed, I realize I do not DARE step into my life each day without this practice. Thank you, thank you for sharing this simple, yet powerful meditation. I will add it to my mornings for the next 30 days & I can’t wait to share the results. You are such a GIFT, keep it coming!

    1. Hi Allison! I’m inspired by your commitment to your meditation practice everyday. That is AMAZING! Can you share what you do? And congratulations on your new business and beautiful family!

  28. Thank you for this blog today. I’ve been working on making a spiritual practice for myself and being open to messages from the Universe. The message in your vlog today is one that I needed to hear today. I will add this meditation to my days right now.
    And congratulations!

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