A Meditation for Manifesting

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In this video I teach a Kundalini meditation called Purify the Subtle Body. The subtle body, is the part of us which calls in opportunities, brings us good news and attracts positivity towards us. This meditation strengthens your energy field so that you become a magnet for miracles. Practicing this meditation will make you shine bright and deepen your connection to the Universe.

In the video I breakdown the meditation and guide you along with the music. For further clarification please see the instructions below. If you have a shoulder issue and cannot lift your arms overhead simply envision yourself doing the exercise and you’ll receive the same benefit from the meditation.

If you enjoy this meditation you can check out the full May Cause Miracles digital course here.

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Mudra: Sitting in easy pose (cross legged) with a straight spine, place the arms down by the sides, backs of the palms on the ground next to the sides of the body.

Movement: As you inhale, raise the arms over the head, until the two palms overlap a few inches above the your head (known as the tenth gate). The right hand will be a few inches above the head. The left palm will lie flat on top of the back of the right hand. The thumbs do NOT touch. (Note: Yogi Bhajan very specifically keeps the thumbs separated when the hands overlap over the top of the head.)

Breath: Make your mouth into an “O.” Inhale through the “O” as you raise the arms over the head, and exhale through the “O” as you lower the hands back down to the ground.

Chant: The “Tantric Har” music which is played in the video. On the first “Har” raise your arms up. On the second “Har” your arms go down. Continue in this rhythmic movement. Pull in on the navel and the diaphragm as you do the movement.

Time: If you’re new to Kundalini meditation begin with 3 minutes. If you want to go big then practice this meditation for 11 minutes a day.

End: Inhale deeply. Immediately interlace the hands over the head, elbows straight, and begin to deeply stretch the body right to left, and left to right, without letting go of the hands.

Continue as you hold the breath for 15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax.

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  1. Gabby,
    The singer Mantra girl has a nice “Tantric Har” track that is modern and upbeat.
    Thank you for helping to further share the benefit of this technology. We needed your boost in awareness of this powerful technology!

  2. oh my universe! I always see when you post your meditations but something told my this morning to do this. All I have to say is that by the time when my arms was resting, I had tears going thru my cheeks, something that I need to let go and it was hurting me. Thank you so mucho Gabby~!

  3. Wowzers! LOve that one! Thank you Gabby for sharing these sneak peaks into your seminars. Mastin introduced my to kundalini …….changing my life everyday!

  4. Thank you so much! Everything you share is breathtaking:) and most of all …teaches me to share and to serve! *_* Andreja Urska

  5. Love it! My favorite vlog u’ve sent. I was thinking beforehand~ sweat?!? Sweat.. It’s only 3min!?! Lol what an internal heat that cooked up and yep I got a little glisten going ;). Thanks for sharing <3
    PS also love the version of 'let it be' song at end..who is that? Namaste

  6. Thank you kindly Gabby (I so want to call you by your Kundalini name but don’t know how to spell it!). Thank was a powerful way to break from my desk mid afternoon when my energy needed a shift. I feel so blessed to have received this gift from God today. You are changing countless lives. Creating miracles, one soul at a time. My sincere gratitude to you my friend and soul sister.

    All my love and light being sent your way :)

  7. It really would help us (at home) folks if you had someone beside you doing the motions so we can better understand exactly how we are to move. I also had a bit of trouble hearing you. ( my volume was all the way up) Is it possible for you to speak a little louder or have it where the video comes across louder?

  8. I have recently begun to do a daily ‘Chakra Dhyana’ meditation, and I’m wondering what you recommend as far as the order of the two. This particular version is about 45 minutes long, so I don’t think I’ll be doing it every day. However, on the days that I am doing both, do you recommend I do the Manifesting Meditation before or after the Chakra Dhyana?

  9. Thank you for this. I had tears streaming over my face by the end. Thankful for being able to release this.

    One question, if experience numbness behind my ears on the side of my head when I do this, the same happens with the ego eradicator.

    I do breathe in extending my stomach and breathe out while pulling my stomach in but I do get a little dizzy and this strange numbness happens.
    Any idea where I’m going wrong? Is it the fast breathing?

  10. Loved the video, thankyou. I enjoy guided meditation as I’m new to it, is it possible to get this one on guided?

  11. This made me feel a little emotional at the end. In a good way, of course. I felt a tremendous release of sadness, if that makes any sense. I am committed to doing this meditation along with the othe Har meditation for prosperity. I have experienced great results with that one as well. I am grateful for your generous spirit Gabby. God Bless you xo

  12. Thank u for sharing Gabby. You introduced me to this at MCM London. Please create a kundalini dvd and share the wonderful music you used @ London. Lots of love, Catherine xxx

  13. This was absolutely amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I came home from the office with a lot of negative energy and I knew that once I got out of the shower I needed to complete this meditation.
    Right on!

  14. Thank you for this Gabby! You are such an incredible teacher. My body is overcome by warmth and vibration right now. Especially my throat and mouth, like I am ready now to speak my love and truth.


  15. Thank you for this Gabby! You are such an incredible teacher. This meditation made me feel so warm and like I was vibrating. Especially my throat and lips. I am ready to approach the day and speak my love and truth.


  16. Loved this. Really felt energy shifts in my body. I’m in the process of the exercises in the May Cause Miracles book and this is the perfect companion! Namaste

  17. I love this!!! Love the turbin! I have the same Mala beads. Thank you for being such a huge source for all of us. Sending all my love!

  18. Thank you Gabby this was absolutely amazing. I hope to make it to your retreat this year.

    Lots of love from Miami.

  19. Thank you! Spirit brought me to watch you teach this session after my meditation, & as usual, I’m delighted with how closely this aligns with the information rec’d during meditation. Thank you for following your heart, and in so doing, helped me to break free of convention & follow mine.

  20. 1.) thank u for posting this video! I took your may class and it was awesome; and now I have the reminder I needed to practice it more!
    2.) do u recommend using the har song or can we use other songs?

  21. That was amazing, Gabby!! I already follow you on Twitter @EjayMooreArt and now I’m signing up for your daily inspirations. Thank you for sharing! Namaste`

  22. My right shoulder makes a noise, like it is cracking, I went to the doctor and said it was an inflamed tendon. I try to make this movements you make and does not hurt. Awesome. I feel a special relief. Curious, but works well.

  23. I have an important question.. I have been doing kundalini meditation.. and have noticed my dreams are very vivid and lucid. i can clearly remember what I have been dreaming so far I’ve been very fearful in my dreams. Is this me releasing my fears? I read that vivid dreams are part of pre-awakening in kundalini. I’m loving the meditations and what more info. Thank you for helping

  24. There was a song played briefly right after this mediation ” release all your plans and your schemes”…then it stopped and Let it Be played. Can I get the song/ artist name?

  25. Gabby, thank you so much for this! I have been doing this meditation for the last 4 days now, and it’s BIG!
    You inspired me to try out Kundalini yoga. I’d never heard about it till a few months ago and now I see it everywhere, I take it as a sign :)
    Thanks again & I look forward to your emails!

  26. I am so glad I was lead to you…don’t even know how…but I was ….you are an emotional life saver!! I have never meditated beforea few weeks ago but I am soooo doing this now:) I can’t believe the difference….so thanks so much and I am now reading Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles:) LOVE THEM:)

  27. Ooooh girl, you are helping my change my life so much. Thank you for your guidance in this transformation. Yay you!

      1. Thank you for the reassurance to accept our tears. It seems as more walls come down, the tears come more often and easily. It could be any moment in the day when I feel or see the signs of joy and thankfulness…the aligning with source. Thank you Gabby.

  28. Like the other women mentioned, by the time I was done and resting my arms, I too had tears running down my cheeks, hopefully I released something that no longer was serving me. :) thank you

  29. once again, you’ve moved me!! I was near an asthma attack when i started and now i feel great! It is easier to spread love when you don’t feel like your dying ;o) THANK YOU!!!!

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