5 Ways to Awaken Your Hidden Power

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Gabby Bernstein Miracles NowYour energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in the words you speak, in your emails and in your physical presence.

When we function from a fearful, low-level energetic state, our thoughts and energy can literally pollute the world. But when we function from a place of positive energy, the world around us becomes more positive.

You have the power to raise your own energy and serve the world. And it’s easier than you might think.

Follow these 5 steps to awaken your hidden power

Ready to awaken your hidden power? Raise your energy and serve the world. Just follow these five steps from my book Miracles Now.

Step 1: Be more real

Your real power stems from your authentic truth. This exercise heightens your awareness of what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be out of alignment.

Take out your pen and paper and describe the differences between what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be in your ego. How do you act differently, talk differently, think and even breathe differently?

Pay close attention to the differences in how you feel. Then, whenever you notice yourself out of alignment with your truth, use this affirmation: There is nothing more powerful than my authentic truth.

Step 2: Judge no more

The second step in awakening your hidden power is to heal the habit of judgment.

Judgment weakens your power. I recently felt this firsthand when I noticed myself casually trash-talking. I wasn’t necessarily saying anything really mean or untrue, but it was trash-talking nonetheless. Afterward I felt awful. My energy was low and I was weak.

After witnessing how my words had weakened my power, I decided to change my ways. That moment I started counting how many days I’ve gone without judging. It’s been seven days now and I feel more energized, more connected to others and more powerful!

Each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle. @gabbybernstein #miraclesnow #judgmentdetox 

The reason is simple: Judgment creates separation. A Course in Miracles says, “The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.” Though judgment may be our default, unity is our truth. The moment we release judgment, unity is restored.

Step 3: Remember your presence is your power

Access your power presence by practicing a meditation called the ego eradicator. I’ve shared this meditation in many lectures and workshops.

I’m currently in the midst of a 40-day practice of ego eradicator as I prepare for my forthcoming book launch. This meditation is helping me bust through any stagnant energy and realign with my true source.

I use this meditation right before I step onto the stage to give a talk, before an important phone call or any time when I want to bring my highest presence to the table.

Click here to try the ego eradicator today. If you feel called to take a deeper journey, try a 40-day practice.

Step 4: Access your power in the service of others

I recently heard Marianne Williamson say in a lecture, “I’ll tell you how to find your power: Use your power for someone who has none.”

She nailed it! There’s no greater way to awaken your hidden power than to be in the service of someone who has none. If you’re feeling disempowered, immediately find a way to serve. Go to a homeless shelter, mentor a child — do anything that helps you discover your power and use it in service of someone else.

This radical action will instantly remind you of how powerful you really are and reinforce the essential idea that your power is best used to lift up others and serve the world.

Step 5: Shine!

When I shine bright I give others permission to shine with me | Gabby Bernstein quote | Miracles NowMost of us have been taught to turn down our power. Playing small won’t work anymore. The world is in desperate need of more miracle-minded people waking up to their true power and purpose. It is your responsibility to shine bright. When you shine you light up the world.

Get into a daily practice of turning on your inner light. Use these tools throughout the day, be more real, stop judgment, meditate, and serve others. As you live in your power on a moment-to-moment basis you will notice your life begin to flow. You will feel more connected to your purpose. You will live in the light.

Get Miracles Now Kundalini meditation guidance

In my Miracles Now meditation videos, I break down each Kundalini meditation for you.

This way you can do each meditation with confidence, even if you’re totally new to Kundalini.

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  1. It’s really very difficult in this active life to listen news on Television, thus I only use internet for that purpose, and get the most recent information.

  2. I love your video on “how to handle negative comments”. You really have a fantastic way to address difficult subjects honestly and warmly. I can see how someone as adorable, happy and loving as you are may make some people feel inadequate, until they continue to learn more about you. The fact that you share your painful past and experiences with such openness and honesty helps to make you even more beautifully human! I love how you managed to figure out a way to turn negative comments into an opportunity for us, your sisterhood to share something amazing about ourselves and the people we love.
    I hope I can become an inspiration to those around me like you are to so many in the world today.

    Thank you, Gabby!

    Gina B
    in LA

  3. I am following you on spotify, but cannot seem to find the music for the meditation in your video. I see lectures, playlists, etc, but do not see music for specific meditations. Please help. Thanks!

  4. Namaste Gabby, I am so happy to attend today’s Workshop (Saturday) and even more excited to have your book soon. I want to read your book because I want Miracles Now. I want and feel that I need to improve in different areas such as Spirituality, my Food Habits and have an income ( I am a stay home mom). However, I feel so overwhelmed with everything. For example, I have a lot of books to read and don’t finish them all. I registered for online courses and always behind the class. I have a business that I want to do buy I usually don’t find time to do it. As a result I ended up spending more money and feeling so overwhelmed. I want to manifest and have miracles but I understand from the place of “feeling too much to do” I cannot have what I desired. How can I do it without feeling tired and overwhelmed? Thanks Gabby. Satnam.

  5. Hi Gabby!!

    ooh I love this! I will totally follow these steps! I just saw one of your vlogs with kris carr and crazy sexy kitchen and you said that you love to cook. Me myself really hate spending time in the kitchen and I’m really crappy at it too but I do looooove food! When I’m in the kitchen I get stressed out and feeling uneffective and uncreative though I’m a really creative person in other areas. It would be so much fun if you did some kind of vlog about how to make cooking some kinda spiritual, holy thing? It would make cooking much more fun 😛 Or anything about food really! 😉 Thanks a lot and lots of love! <3 /Linn

  6. Good morning from the UK Gabby! (aka @LadyVsPR)

    Wow! What a March I am having…I bought Red magazine and read your lovely interview. Then started to read, listen and watch you via Instragram, Twitter, FB etc also loving HerFuture, Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo. My library is looking very #SJ now!

    I am feeling and witnessing miracles in abundance and absolutely had to share. I run a small social media business and have recently launched my life coaching website, but have felt that I wasn’t submerging myself enough in to my projects (finding lots of excuses to justify my avoidance as well!) I started to read your work in earnest, meditating daily and yesterday during the school run a peacock walked across a busy bypass crossing the path where I was driving. I KNEW it was a sign/miracle. As soon as I got home I googled what a peacock symbolises…’a peacock can help you on your spiritual path, and breath new life in to your walk of faith, can rejuvenate self-esteem. Key words: vision, spirituality, awakening’… there is more but I would be here all day waxing lyrical about peacocks! But I knew I was meant to ‘pat attention to the assignment’.

    My son is almost 6, and sometimes struggles with frustration and anger, I have introduced meditation in to his day and he loves it! He is so proud when he calms himself and this tool is such a gift in our lives right now.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing a message that I can relate to, can embrace and can pay forward. Each day I look forward to a new affirmation and my life & well-being is improving drastically as a result.

    Will your 22 March talk be available on-line after the event?

    Have a great day Gabby, sending love and light.

    Victoria xxxxx

  7. You are amazing, Gabby! I can see it although I cannot hear it! I’m Deaf and do rely on closed captioning in your meditation videos, but rarely does the automatic captioning make sense. Hopefully, YouTube gets better with this soon so I can fully comprehend and apply what you are saying. 🙂

  8. Does anyone know how to access the Spotify tracks she refers to downloading for Ego Radicator meditation?

  9. How do you know when assignments are right right for? and what are you supposed to do when these assignments go wrong? I have been trying so hard to make a long 4hrs a day distance commute work. Yet I feel drained, unhappy and feel I do not have time for myself anymore. Something has been telling me to move away and create my own business and that this assignment is not right for me! there have been signs along the way to lead me to paths I want to go in but have not followed. I have you app and listen to the affirmations but still find it hard to know if me wanted to leave is my ING or my Ego….

  10. Dearest Gabrielle Bernstein,

    Thank you for reminding me (in the most beautiful way) that we are all miracles and that we can all have miraculous lives. You are a gift (wrapped in rustic gold with a crimson ribbon) to the world. You have inspired me in so many ways. Await my copy of your Miracles Now in the mail. Just less than two months now. Thank you, Arch Angel Gabrielle – you spirit junkie you. Forever grateful. 🙂 ????

  11. I was at the I can do it 2014 in Toronto and you moved me to tears I have a long way to go but I know I’m on the right track. Would love to know the music that you love ,as the songs you played there could of moved mountains thank you from the bottom of my heart ????

  12. I love all of the kundalini meditations/info that you have been sharing. Are there any books that you recommend for those wanting to learn more about kundalini yoga/meditations?

    Thanks for all that you do, the light that you shine.

        1. me, too… can only find lectures and an AmAzInG Mindfullliving playlist & another fun playlist!! {but not the 2 ego eradicator tracks} new to Spotify!

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