5 Tips to Quit Sugar the Spirit Junkie Way

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Note: This post was updated in 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

I just celebrated 1 year off sugar!

To be clear, I didn’t make this commitment out of vanity or to obsess over some new fad diet. My motivation for kicking sugar came from a deep desire to feel vibrant, healthy and energized.

The more I expand my inner awareness and spiritual faith the more conscious I am of how I feel. And as I grow more aware of my physical well-being, it becomes harder to partake in anything that makes me feel bad.

How I quit sugar the Spirit Junkie way

I surrender to a power greater than me | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWith my deep desire to feel healthier, I set out on a wellness quest. In August, through doctor supervision, I committed to treat candida, an overgrowth of yeast in the digestive system that causes inflammation and myriad symptoms.

One out of three people suffer from candida. (To learn more about candida and its effect on your health, read The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch.)

One important way to treat candida is to remove sugar, including fruit, coconut palm sugar, agave, artificial sweeteners, barley malt, brown rice syrup, brown sugar, etc. Pretty much anything that has sugar or turns into sugar is a no-no on the candida diet.

Spiritual surrender has been the key to my success in quitting sugar

At first, I thought living sugar free would be easy. I was mistaken. Sugar is a tricky ingredient that shows up in just about everything!

To make this commitment work for me I’ve had to lean on my spiritual faith and truly surrender.

My spiritual surrender has been the key to my success in quitting sugar. So instead of giving you my favorite recipes for sugar-free desserts (you can actually find that post here), I’ve decided to share five spiritual steps to quit sugar.

How to quit sugar the Spirit Junkie way

Struggling with how to quit sugar? I’ve got spiritual tips to reframe it! If you’re not interested in quitting sugar, you can use these steps for releasing any other habit you’d like to let go of. Use these tools and fully turn your will over to the care of your inner guide.

Expect miracles when you quit sugar the Spirit Junkie way!

1. Get psyched to let it go!

Quitting sugar isn’t for dabblers. In order to really release the cravings and addiction, you must desire something else even more. In my case, the desire to feel healthy and energized far outweighed my chocolate cravings. Because I was so psyched about feeling healthy, I was able to go into the sugar detox with enthusiasm and commitment.

If you try to force yourself into change, then change will never stick. @gabbybernstein Tweet it!

If you’re not sure that you’re truly ready to let go of sugar (or any other habit that’s not serving you), wait it out. There’s nothing wrong with not being ready. Stay willing to receive greater guidance instead of forcing yourself to change.

2. Know that quitting sugar is a spiritual practice

My first week off sugar I felt a severe sense of withdrawal. This is crazy considering how little sugar I had in my diet to begin with. The detox symptoms reminded me of when I got sober 11 years ago. I felt sick, tired and even depressed.

I turned to spirit for help in dealing with these emotions and symptoms. I prayed for guidance. Five minutes later, I found myself guided to check Twitter. As the angels would have it, the first post in my feed was a prayer to detox from sugar, from Doreen Virtue:

Dearest God and angels, I’m ready to release sugar. I know that now is the perfect time to detox from this substance. I trust in your guidance and your love. I know that you’ll help me through this and lead me away from temptation. I ask for your Heavenly presence to surround me. Sugar is so readily available, so I need your support. Keep me strong and healthy. I don’t want to feel the negative effects that sugar produces, so I willingly choose to release it now. Thank you.

I smiled at the wink from the Universe and accepted this tweet as the answer to my prayer. I’ve been using Doreen’s sugar prayer ever since.

Post this prayer on your refrigerator, desk or even by your bedside. Use it in the morning and throughout the day whenever you feel overwhelmed by your cravings. When you’re wondering how to quit sugar, remember the angels have your back!

3. Practice the meditation for addiction

To quote my doctor and friend, Dr. Frank Lipman, “Sugar is like crack.” I couldn’t agree more. Sugar is a drug that keeps us wanting more to the point of addiction. When we’re addicted there is an imbalance in the pineal gland (also called the the third eye).

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. When the pineal gland is out of balance, bad habits turn into addictions. The imbalance in the pineal gland affects the pituitary gland, which regulates the rest of the glandular system. When the pituitary gland is affected, the entire body and mind go out of balance.

The Kundalini meditation for healing addiction

A major tool in my process of healing my addiction to sugar has been the Kundalini meditation for healing addiction. Follow this video for guidance:

4. Find a sugar-free running buddy

While I visited London I spent some special time with my friend Lou Lou. Lou Lou has been on the candida diet for many years. Her commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle inspired me greatly. She turned me on to amazing books and recipes and had fun eating berries with me for dessert. It’s important to find a sugar-free running buddy when you embark on this path.

One great way to find sugar-free running buddies is in my Miracle Membership! We have an amazing Facebook group exclusively for Miracle Members. Connect with fellow Spirit Junkies who are living sugar free!gabby bernstein miracle membership spiritual running buddies

5. Get down in the kitchen!

gabby bernstein cooking kitchen|quit sugarOne of the most meditative times of my day is when I’m cooking. Getting off sugar has given me even more reason to rev up my culinary skills.

When you kick the sugar you can feel a little sad. One great way to combat this grief is to have a lot of fun making sugar-free recipes! A great resource is Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar.

I’ve been using the I Quit Sugar: The Chocolate Edition for all of my dessert cravings. I’ve also enjoyed the I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook for awesome support and recipes.

Get down in the kitchen and cook up inspiration and excitement!

I am going to share one awesome recipe here! This is my recipe for sugar-free brownies. Please keep in mind that I am pretty intuitive in the kitchen. I rarely use measuring devices or follow a recipe.

Below is my intuitive recipe for sugar-free brownies. Please feel free to adjust the measurements if something feels off to you. Use your own intuition in this spiritual baking process!

Gabby’s Sugar-Free Brownies

1 cup almond flour
1 Tbsp. organic baking powder
1 Tbsp. hemp milk (or almond milk)
1 Tbsp. hemp seeds
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
10 drops Sweet Leaf vanilla stevia (or more if you want it sweeter, but be careful with stevia — it’s strong!)
½ cup organic coconut flakes
2 Tbsp. raw organic almond butter (with no added sugar)
1 egg (If you’re vegan you can make a flax egg by combining 1 Tbsp. flaxseed meal with 2.5 Tbsp. water, or use part of a mashed banana)
1½ Tbsp. organic coconut oil
Dash of salt
½ cup organic cacao powder (you can add more if you want extra chocolate)
Handful of crushed walnuts (optional)

1. Grease a small (8×8 or 9×9) brownie pan with coconut oil or organic butter.

2. Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir completely while listening to this mantra. Remember that this is a meditative process.

3. Once the ingredients are completely mixed, pour the mix into the greased brownie pan.

4. Bake at 350° F for 20 minutes.

5. Remove the pan from the oven and let cool for 15 to 20 minutes. Practice the art of patience.

6. Tweet it before you eat it! Tag me at @GabbyBernstein on Instagram and Twitter with your photos.

7. Share them with your sugar-free running buddy!

Heal your relationship to food and your body with my digital course Finally Fullgabby bernstein finally full course

In my digital course called Finally Full, I talk about food addiction and body image issues. I guide you to create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and share the wisdom I gained from my own spiritual recovery around food addiction.

The course also includes guided Kundalini meditations that even complete beginners can do easily! Get on the path to a beautiful and healthy relationship to food.

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  1. I absolutely believe I was led to this page, because I originally started reading today’s blog post about the secret to following through on my great ideas. It led me to read another post, and then another, until I landed here. I quit sugar in 2011 and was only eating very minimal amounts of it until I had a near death accident in 2017. At that time, I felt like life was too short to be restricting myself and that all things can be enjoyed in moderation. Fast forward two years, and I am drinking more alcohol, and intentionally eating more sugar foods. Go figure that I no longer feel the energy and lightness that came with a full clean eating life. I was praying about this topic today, and even talked to my significant other this morning about how I thought I had candida overgrowth in my gut, that I just knew that was what was happening with these sugar cravings. Now, I landed here. Thank you, Universe, for leading me back to a spiritual way to health, energy, and overall well-being. I can’t tell my significant other to keep his cholesterol in check unless I’m keeping my sugar in check, too. They each impact us in our own unique way, and I do not want to be a hypocrite.
    Thanks for all you do to support the world through your experience, strength, hope, and tools. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you Gabby. I felt a pull in my soul to quit sugar about three weeks ago. Since then I have been getting fully in tune with my third eye and my intuition has been really fired up. However, yesterday, I slipped back and had a massive sugar rush – today I feel dreadful, really tired, lacking in energy and completely off radar. I then decided to hop on to this page, and there in front of my eyes sprang up this blessing about sugar. I am so grateful to you for this Gabby, my Angels nudged me here. I love you all so much. Blessings of Love and Light. Deborah M. Hodgetts xx

  3. Thank you Gabby for putting this out there. Recently quit my unfulfilling corporate job in finance and committed to a yoga teacher training program. I have no idea where this will lead me, but I’ve taken the plunge…There are many addictions, negative behavioural patterns and, in fact, a whole value system that I need to let go of. I think quitting sugar is a good place to start. Looking forward to reading Judgement Detox!
    Love and light,

  4. Hi Gabby, thank you for sharing this! I’ve been curious, what do you consider sugar (ex: maple syrup, honey, monk fruit, stevia, etc.)?

  5. Such a great post – thank you for sharing! I gave up sugar one year ago and even though I thought I was being healthy by just having a little bit each day, I didn’t realize how much of an addiction it truly was – and how it was playing games with my mind. Now that I just don’t eat it, my mind has cleared up and has space for so many beautiful things – like bringing my gifts out into the world. Huge love to you Gabby xx

  6. Just an FYI because I think it does impact on the actual psychological and spiritual reality of this topic; sugar is NOT physically addictive. Science has proven it, many times, but that fact doesn’t resonate quite so well with the public! Much more dramatic to claim ‘addiction!’.

    It can cause a psychological addiction but not because of any biochemical reality. If you feel you’re addicted to sugar, I suspect it’s a red flag about what need/role sugar is filling in your life. And getting to the bottom of that, will likely provide you with longer term peace and happiness and health than giving up the substance ever could.

  7. Today I remembered my path. Four years ago I broke my ankle after asking what my next step was. I stepped out of Balducci’s in Westport excited for the Anthropologie tent sale while wearing my brand new Stuart Weitzman strappy wedges. I was more concerned about my shoes than my ankle and likewise more concerned about my lifestyle than life. While healing, everyone who came to visit brought the book A Course In Miracles for me to read saying the book had literally jumped into their hands. Coincidence, not! Fast forward four years, deaths, and several layers. I am here shedding the deepest layer-sugar, in all forms. I asked for a sign to live sober again and your website popped up with this article. Thank You! xx, j

  8. OMG! This was the message I was needing to read! Like when you saw the prayer of Doreen .V., may be! haha.
    I know I have a Candida problem, now I realized about all my symptoms that it started maybe 5 years ago. 🙁 , but even with now a healthy diet, yoga, meditations, course of miracles and more spiritual lectures, being a health coach from IIN it has been so hard! After many attempts trying to quit it starting new sugar free diets or extra natural supplements I am not able to quit it 100%. Specially the last 2 years, I am from Argentina, but 2 years ago I came to live to D.C and even if in Argentina food is not the best, sadly here food is worst in terms of that highly processed food-sugary products are everywhere and thousands more of options, actually I was a little shock at the beginning. Anyhow, in this 2 years sugar caught me in the way that many times I found my self eating ALL the sugary things possible! And feeling so bad after that, not only physical but mentally too.
    So, I think this message was what I was needing to read! I will adopt all your suggestions! Kundalini yoga I never tried.
    So, yesss! I have all the faith that pretty soon I will be able to say that I did it too! And will be feeling best than ever, connected with the real energy not the one that sugar can give you!!
    Thanks. You are great!

  9. Great tips! I mostly eat berries and citrus fruit. I I also love adding stevia in my recipes.

    Erythritol and monk fruit supposed to be good as well. It is a natural alcohol sugar from non-gmo corn, It passes right through the body without being absorbed and has no effect on the gastrointestinal tract.


  10. You have open my eyes a bit more. I was in the middle of posting a huge comment but do not want to divulge all my info for the world to see. At least not right now. You have inspired. I came across your beautiful self through your book The Universe has your back. I never read OK… NEVER. I suffer from ADD and can not ( I know, I know I’m sabotaging myself by continuing the belief) concentrate long enough and I loose interest. Your book has me hooked. Thank you for sharing your heart and knowledge and I will be sending you an email shortly. I would love to attend one of your events…. Love


  11. Sorry Gabby, my English is not the best. I did not understand where to put the pressure on. The thumbs are on the temples and then you spoke about the pressure on “…”? Could you please help me out?

  12. Whoaaaa I’m so impressed that you’ve successfully quit! I’ve felt like weaning off of it for a while but never managed to do it — it’s hard with the social pressure (so you’re right I should get a friend). Thanks for re-inspiring me!

  13. Hey Gabby, You have been a huge inspiration in my life and I admire how you share your bright philosophy with the world. Thank you for posting this blog about Sugar. I saved it in my email so when the time was ready for me to give up sugar I could really dive in and take your advice seriously.

    However, I recently tried your brownie recipe and I have to respectful say that is was just awful. It wasn’t the fact it was slow in sugar, it was the texture and how crumbly it was. If you could imagine potting a plant and packing the pot full then cutting it with a knife, everything crumbled apart. But it wasn’t just that, the taste was terrible.

    I am very health conscious, exercise regularly and every now and then I like to indulge in healthy sweet treat. I was excited when I came across your recipe for the brownies as I have been on the look out for new recipes. These truly were not good.


  14. Gabby, thanks for the post! This theme keeps coming up for me …

    I tried to quit sugar last year at the insistence of my sister who has been sugar free for two years. It made me feel so anxious that I wound up eating lots of no-sugar added foods and I quit after I gained 3 kilos (6-7 pounds) in 3 weeks – my sis says its because I didn’t give up bread but honestly, it feels so spartan if you completely cut everything with sugar out of your diet.

    Any suggestions?


    (a sugar loving energy healer, LOL)

  15. From next monday i’m gonna lose weight. Summer is comming girls!
    Who starts with me? I found a good method in google and want to give it a
    try, simply type in g00gle; fitMarikka advices

  16. I went sugar free for 30 days. No fruit. No sweetener. No alcohol. Nothing. My cravings never went away and I didn’t feel that much better. When do the cravings go away???

    1. Your body still needs fruit i am a nutritionist and fitness instructor have less items like chocolate, alcohol, etc

      1. I have dietary fructose intolerance. I get sick if I eat fruit. I can only have tiny amounts. Otherwise I throw up.

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    here now and would just like to say thank you for a
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  18. I’ve been off of sugar and white flour for 7 weeks now and I definitely feel better along with the scale going down. Getting creative though is hard. There is sugar in everything. Today I just wanted to get a jar of marinara sauce. So many have sugar, it took me two store to find one that didn’t and it cost a pretty penny too.

  19. I have been fighting the sugar battle for years. Thank you, I feel with the sugar prayer I will win this time. I made one modification to it – I wanted to state positively the next to last sentence – I want to feel the positive effects of living without sugar produce.

  20. I needed this little wink from the universe today, Gabby :-). I believe this post is over a year old as I follow you I know you have been off of sugar for 2 years. I’ve recently (5 months) found a spiritual way of living and am on a road of recovery. I am sober today however find other bad habits creeping their way in like intense cravings for sugar in the form of cupcakes, ice cream, cookies – I don’t discriminate when it comes to sweets :-). I have been willing to receive guidance the past couple of months to quit and just this week after a few ice lead me to want to revisit how you quit sugar. Thankful for this sign from the universe and that through the grace of God discovered you upon entering my journey into sobriety (my mom saw you on Oprah Super Soul Sunday two weeks into my journey of recovery and was like “you’ve got to check this girl out she rocks!”). Following you has helped me give more love, receive more love, and most of all love myself more. Love you Gabby thanks!

  21. If you don’t have a condition, fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. Even though you specified that you have a condition and this was under a doctors direction, some may think you’re implying that this is a good choice for everyone. Is that what you’re saying? Thanks 🙂

  22. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for this great post. I have been think a lot about sugar lately and know I am addicted. My diet has been really clean but I have all these sneaky ways of adding sugar into every meal and I always want something sweet after ever meal. After reading your post I bought “I Quit Sugar” and have been following the ideas in the book for the past 5 days. I can’t say I feel better yet, but I want to stay the course to see where it leads me- hopefully to feeling better.

    I was wondering if you have totally given up fruit, that for me is the biggest thing. I’m thinking what can be so bad about 1-2 pieces a day. It would be wonderful if you could do another post or blog showing us what you typically eat in a week (or a day). I’m very curious how this looks in real life.


    1. Not all of the sugars are healthy processed sugar is bad fizzy drinks and jams get your facts right!!!!! I did fitness studies and you have no idea are you certified trainer to tell us that!

  23. Hi Gabby,
    I have been hearing the quit-sugar message for a while now. But I could not imagine life without these things that made me happy. As mother to two young girls and partner to an amazing man, I also didn’t want to be a burden by struggling through something so difficult when no one else seemed to think it was a big deal. After a year of struggling with thing after thing … depressive episodes, anxiety and panic, fatigue, joint pain, difficulty sleeping and the desperate feeling of living from tea cup to tea cup, binging on chocolates or pastries, dreaming of a healthier life but not seeing how. I decided to listen to that quit-sugar message and I’m about to start the I Quit Sugar detox plan, already been doing little things to eliminate the easy (sometimes not so easy things) like skipping sugar in that tea. Anyway, after reading and meditating on making the change, it no longer feels like a burden, but instead an exciting opportunity to take charge of my health, be a good example for my girls and become a happier, healthier mom and partner. I owe a lot of that to your message, your willingness to share your experiences and the fact that you follow your calling to help people. I hope I can report back here somewhere down the road that I, too, quit the sugar. Thank you

      1. Hi Gabby,
        I just wanted to follow up — finished the 8 week I Quit Sugar plan and am absolutely stunned by the benefits I am experiencing. I just don’t even know where to begin. The best sleep I’ve had since I became pregnant with my first FOUR YEARS ago. I wake up refreshed. My moods have stabilized, which means I’m sooo much more patient with my littles. My skin has cleared up a bit. Dropped a few pounds. My energy is steady throughout the day. I’m able to taste sweetness and realize it has no control over me unless I let it. I’m learning more about what is in food, how to make better choices. I honestly can’t believe how much life has changed with just this little step. Onward! 🙂 … and thanks again

  24. Hi Gabby! Do you still eat fruit? I really honour your achievement, I decided to give up sugar in July following Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program and was wondering if you still eat fruit, even though it has fructose in it. Thank you in advance x

  25. Gabby you are amazing! Your books and blog are slowly changing my life as I apply your tips and lessons. I can’t thank you enough- from the spirit junkie in the front row of the Sydney workshop:)

  26. Hi!
    I am an 17 year old who just happened to find your blog ! I <3 it !!!!
    I have become really interested in the issue of sugar and how addictive it is
    I really would like to get sugar free but coming from a middle eastern background my staple foods are full of carbohydrates. I really wanted to turn vegetarian but my parent refused so I eat lamb (for the iron) and fish. Could you give me some tips on how I can become sugar free in such a busy life? I am worried that once school starts I am going to resort to the most convenient option as opposed to the most healthy option? It is safe for me to remove sugar from my diet at this age right? because another hurdle is getting my parents to agree !

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. you are awesome. try to begin by limiting refined sugar. eat food w/out sauces and eat fruit that is low in sugar like green apple and berries.

  27. Hi Gabby, I love your messages, so inspiring. I gave up refined sugar a couple of years ago but still have the attachment to sweet (I have just replaced RF sugar with other sweetners ie dates, pure maple etc), I would love to be free of the attachment my body has for sugar, however I cant bring myself to give up fruit – I love fruit. For you, does this mean you will never eat fruit again?

  28. Thank you! I have been of sugar for 2 years, and I fell of the wagon last spring and have been having trouble to quit again since! So 1 year on sugar now…. :/
    Never felt better or stronger when I was “clean”. now I am having a hard time lettin go, but thank you for the tips! Will find a mantra to affirm that suits me.. Love and light// Ida 🙂

  29. Amazing post! “Quitting sugar” is difficult for so many people. Your one year benchmark has encouraged me to take my reduced sugar intake further!

  30. Hey Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this inspirational piece. I’ve been suffering with candida related symptoms for years and this is the motivation I need. The links to the books recommended by LouLou aren’t working – please could you repost.


    Ollie x

  31. Hi Gabby,
    What scares me is when I look at a lot of health recipes they have bread in them? How do you feel about these wraps etc? I am thinking surly just eat what grows yeah? But if I go off sugar I am scared there will be nothing left.. fruit i mean.. What Oats do you eat? Oats scare me to as I am not sure of the best ones that are good for me!

  32. hi Gabby, I find stevia leaves a funny after taste. I have been using a natural sweetener called xylitol. Have you heard of it? Do you know if it is as good for your health as stevia?

  33. How awesome!!!
    Is this meditation different from the one that you do the mudra of touching your thumb to your pointer, middle, ring, and pinky fingers while saying sa ta na ma? I thought that one was for addiction too?

  34. Hey Gabby,
    Firstly, congratulations on your 1 year sugar free milestone! When I woke to your post today (I’m in Australia) I felt it was my what a wink from the universe that I am on the right path. I literally cleared out the pantry, fridge & freezer on the weekend and told my 3 boys we were going to try to eat like cavemen for 10 weeks (Pete Evans #thepaleoway, whom I know is a friend of yours). It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…get back to nurturing myself after 4 years of being on auto piolet & going through complete upheaval…which I know now was the universe screaming at me and teaching me, but at the time I was a shell, empty and totally erratic, confused and played the victim to a tee. As a result my diet was fast food… I felt like crap so I fed myself crap & also my young boys. I’ve gained weight and feel sluggish and have skin breakouts as a result, now I am stronger, i surrendered to the Power & feel I am in the right mind to start getting my health back & reeducation my boys about food, nutrition and effects foods have on your body. So Gabby, thankyou for your wink this morning,..I know the universe has my back ??????????

  35. Please check out Dr. Robert Morse on YouTube and the 80/10/10 book by Dr. Douglas Graham. It’s important to understand that giving up sugar is great and should be done for optimal health, but no one should ever give up fruit! Fruit is super healthy and vital to human health.

    1. I gave up processed sugar for many years, fell off the wagon when I did a website for Papalani Gelato. Then eliminated processed sugar again at Feb 15th this year (2015). I agree sugar is addictive. This time it was fairly easy to get over the craving. Now in mid September 2015, I feel and look great. I have never used artificial sweetners.

      What needs to be distinguished here is that eliminating ALL sugar including fruit is certainly very radical and is related to candida that Gabby is talking about. I do think to lose weight it is a good idea to reduce the amount of fruit you eat. And because I watch the glycemic index I don’t do smoothies or juicing. But IN this article Gabby refers to a running buddy that she eats BERRIES with!

      I agree with you Sara that giving up fruit is odd, strange and unnecessary unless you truly have some very radical illness that insists upon it. Gabby says that “candida” is very common (one out of 3 people have it) so I don’t consider it radical and if one of 3 people have it I wouldn’t consider it an illness.

      By the way, it drives people a little crazy when I say I just say no to sugar. Most people can’t imagine doing that.

  36. Thanks for the reminder Gabby 🙂 I am still working through my addiction to Sugar, although I have switched to just using honey and agave nectar as much as possible I still eat bananas every day and other high fructose foods. I will be using Doreen’s prayer every day to help me to release this substance once and for all in 2015! Happy sugar free anniversary and always such a joy to see your beautiful self on vlog!

    Your presence is definitely your power!

    Love Jen xxx

  37. I seriously love the idea of saying mantras while cooking. It gives purpose, life and energy into the food we eat. How wonderful is that! Wahe Guru! 😉

  38. Awww! This is so great! Thank you! What a timing. Just in the process of realising food addictions that I thought wasn’t possible if I only ate healthy. But now I know, and I have those awsome inspiration and tips to help me out. Thanks!!!

  39. The universe defiantly winked at me lol! I stared a workout programme for myself and just as I was sweating like a pig with my cardio workout(at home), i was drawn to lookout my window and saw a rainbow felt like that was a high 5 from my angels it actually made my day :)…. But few days later I slipped somehow I feel I’ve got all the support in the world behind me it’s weird in a sense that im relaxed and comfortable with my “hiccup” im a determined person and i easily beat myself up with things that set me up to fall they know my weakness is sugar,it was a bit of a coincidence that i was indulging a chocolate cupcake that u put up a video and tips on how to kick sugar addiction lol! I absolutely love how they help things fall into place that u truly need help with x my stories are endless with the amount of support the universe have given me 🙂 now I’m more determined and no matter what I have support….. U know something else I feel sick after eating the amount of sugar I ate today…. I wouldn’t thank u for a crunchy lol NOW im so determined to do this x thank u gabby ur amazing 🙂
    Love Pamela from Scotland 😉

  40. thanks for sharing this, Gabby. the prayer from Doreen Virtue is an extra special god-send. I feel the way my body responds to sugar and I don’t like it (neither does my body). I’m willing to envision a life without sugar. this post has inspired me to look towards all of the positive aspects of a life without sugar, rather than worry about what treats I might miss out on or how to navigate a sugary situation. I trust that I will be guided at the exact moment I need it. thank you for helping me to see this in a new way. and thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.

  41. Thank you for this. I have been struggling to get off sugar again. I did 8 days a few months back, and my asthma went away. Candida is a sneaky bitch. It affects all of our bodies systems. Anyway, to be clear the mantra is done mentally right?

  42. Good luck with the routine / cleanse! I’m a bit confused though, on the dark chocolate. Since it contains sugar, how is it allowed? I’ve done so many Candida cleanses, and the one I keep going back to is the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse – it gets me regular and I have seen the best results with this supplement. I keep trying new things, but the Lady Soma is definitely my favorite. I’d much rather do the cleanse while eating dark chocolate!

  43. Thank you for sharing this and your journey :). I am also embracing a sugar-free sweet life due to candida and wanting to raise my vibration; its filled with ups and downs but mostly a gradually easing into a higher state of being. I really connect with what you shared about how our body and health awareness increases in parallel with our spiritual awareness- the path unfolds as you are open ready and willing to receive :). I’ve read IQS and use the recipes daily! I am starting on the Candida Cure now. I am about 5 weeks sugar free, and would LOVE to hear how you are finding your body’s ability to incorporate small amounts of sweet back in- wider variety of fruits; raw honey?; others? I’ll take vibrant health over chocolate any day, but am curious if you’ve found your body reacts positively to small amounts. Thanks G*

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  45. Gabby, when u did ur sugar detox did you go off all fruits too? bananas and mangoes have the most sugar right?

  46. Excellent tips on getting over the sugar. You are so right about the withdrawal symptoms its crazy. I was able seriously reduce my sugar by using a subliminal audio. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading. You have a terrific and easy to follow and relate to style of writing. I will definitely be back for more.
    Thank You

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  48. I am starting the 90 day cleanse to beat candida. No sugar, fruit, dairy, gluten, yeast, grains, soy, legumes and nuts. This is will be difficult, no doubt, but I have faith that it is for the greater good. I will get a hold of my life, my digestion, my health and for 90 days make the effort towards healing.
    SA TA NA MA.
    Thank you Gabby X

  49. In reference to your parasite and candida cleanse, did you use Dr. Lipman’s protocol? I’ve recently completed Detox by Dr. Gottfried and have eliminated gluten, dairy, alcohol, red meats, sugar, but think parasites may still be issue.

  50. Thank you Gabby for all you do! I’ve been inspired to quit sugar. I believe I am having a Candida issue as well. I have some of the symptoms and it’s time to release this addiction. Thank you for the prayer, recipe and the meditation advice! Please do a cookbook. You post so many lovely dishes on Facebook! Does this mean no apples??? I don’t eat much fruit but I do love apples.

  51. Ok, I just made these brownies and maybe I did something wrong….. Is the batter really dry? I keep reading over the ingredients and I don’t think I misse pd anything…..xo thanks gabby!

  52. So I read this article when it first came out. I knew I wasn’t ready to quit sugar however I am ready to cut back on sugar, dairy and carbs. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. For whatever reason, I resisted to watching the video with meditation for addiction and then last night happened. I found myself binge eating again (something I used to do often at night but have not done for awhile). The whole time I was eating, I just kept telling myself it would be ok because I can forgive myself after and move on (and this morning I really did have a major forgiveness moment going into my meditation practice). Anyways, this morning I watched the video and tried the meditation. I found it very hard and I found that my body was very resisting to it and it almost made me want to gag at times. Did anyone else have this reaction? Or is it just my way of getting rid of the addiction?
    Thank you all for listening and letting me be so open. Love!

  53. Gabby, This post is brilliant and exactly what I need and have been waiting for from you. I am seriously addicted to sugar, but I’m scared to take that step and make the commitment to let go of sugar completely. I guess having a little “crack” is still having it. I just don’t know how whether to go cold turkey or to just greatly reduce my consumption? Please advise- thank you!

    1. don’t go cold turkey unless you really want to and are ready. you can start to add in healthier sugars and reduce the amount of white sugar.

      1. I dump a packet or two of gluten-free organic oatmeal into a coffee cup, fill with boiling water and take it with me.

        Dinner from the night before. Bowl of warmed up rice, protein or veggies. Squash and sweet potatoes with some grass-fed butter and cinnamon.

        Chia seed pudding made the night before.

        Green smoothie: whole cucumber, avocado, protein powder, sea salt, a little water.

        Or, try intermittent fasting until lunch 🙂 Look up bulletproof coffee.

  54. Congrats, Gabby! I can’t wait to try your sugar-free brownie recipe. I quite sugar in August, along with caffeine, alcohol, animal by-products, gluten and salt — all at once! I’ve never felt better : )

  55. Thanks for the post! This is exactly what I needed to read today as I’m just starting my sugar detox. Sugar really is worse than crack! I’m book marking your recipe too because I know I need tasty treats from time to time so I don’t feel deprived. Thanks!

  56. For the meditation, are you saying the words aloud or in your mind? Was a bit unsure re: the slight clenching of the back molars while speaking. Many thanks!

    1. Hi, you just say it mentally, do it for forty days and loads of people have testified that you will be transformed! Good luck!

  57. Gabrielle, thank you so much for this post! I’ve actually just finished my first week of going sugar free through Sarah Wilson’s program and I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate a spiritual element to quitting sugar, well my prayers have been answered! I can’t wait till I’m at day 88!

    Elise xo

  58. What amazing self-love you exude, Gabby!
    Sugar is the hardest to kick – no doubt. Xylitol is synthetic even if derived from birch (not even .0001% is allowed in any organic product!). Erythritol is highly processed and usually GMO. Monk fruit is always carried by one of those two or maltodextrin, and even most stevia now is highly processed and cut! I’ve been working on this… and maybe those raw chocolate cravings and your commitment to your temple don’t have to be mutually exclusive!! Expect something in your inbox from me re: your stevia raw chocolate <3

    1. hi mama, i’ve been eating your stevia raw chocolate and I love it. do you think it’s okay right now for me to have stevia at the beginning of my candida cleanse? i’ve heard mixed messages. so much love to u

  59. I’m a big fan if yours and this post has really hit home for me… I’ve been gluten free for almost a decade with some falls along the way… You inspire me to go sugar free, but I want to know more. Is fruit always excluded from the diet or just in the beginning? I look forward to hearing more about your journey and will try those brownies as soon as my kitchen remodel is complete. Thank you!

    1. for the candida cleanse the only fruits are berries and apple. you can make your own choice on what feels right for you. bannanas and pineapple among others have a ton of sugar.

  60. Such perfect timing — I’m embarking on my own sugar reduction protocol, but it includes raisins, dates and fruit. It’s so easy for me to fall back on raisins + bananas. Even if it’s only a very moderate amount, it still doesn’t feel right mentally — it feels like I’m still reinforcing the habit // craving.

  61. I love this Gabby! I am a dietitian and work with people to heal their relationship with food (disordered eating). Sugar is a big one, and it’s SO important to look at the spiritual side of it rather than just focusing on choosing sugar-free snacks and not addressing the craving. I live a mostly sugar-free life but do allow myself to have it when I truly want it and when it will add pleasure to my life because personally for me, I know complete restriction doesn’t work for me (it does for some people, though!). I think the most important thing is asking yourself how you can nourish yourself with whole foods and what your body needs! Thank you!

  62. Thanks Gabby, I’ve been struggling with quitting sugar for the last year. I managed to do it for six weeks, but then visited New York from London and started eating it again. I’ve been using coconut sugar as a substitute, so will switch to Stevia instead 🙂

  63. Gabby this post is an answer to my prayers, I have been struggling with sugar addictions for many years and wanted to conquer the hold it has had on my life. Last year in November I brought all three of your books and they are fantastic. My life is changing. The change is slow but those changes are here to stay and I just wanted to personally thank you. You are an inspiration to many and so clearly walking in the path that has been laid out in front of you. Thank you for bringing Gods word, light and the spirit of love in such an accessible and inclusive manner. Here in New Zealand, the word Whaiwahitanga means inclusion, participation and contribution (in the language of our tangata whenua: Te Reo). You embody this concept so holistically and I just want to thank you for your ability to include, inspire, prepare and support us through the journey out of fear and into love. Kai pai to mai. Arohanui, Sophie.

  64. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for sharing this. I couldn’t have read this at a better time! I’ve been battling with many symptoms due to sugar and literally just realized it a few days ago, after I stumbled across an informational video pertaining to sugar and candida.

    I believe in signs and this is truly a sign like you have no idea… that I need to kick sugar for real! Like you, I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, but I know this is going to be a challenge. A challenge that I’m ready for.

    Peace, Love and Happiness,

  65. Hi Gabby,

    I’m getting so much out of everything you do. I want you to know that you and your work have made a significant effect on my life. I am learning so much… how to journal, replace fear with love, connect deeper with the world and those around me, and how to make conscious changes in my life while keeping the intention spiritually driven NOT ego driven.

    I’m a year into doing serious work in recovering from disordered eating. However, now after working your program I can say with the utmost honesty that I’m learning to see myself and love what I see more and more. Last year I started a website as a way to share and express my life in recovery. So far I’ve only written a few posts. But now backed with love, motivation, and a desire to share & pass on what I’ve learn I will be writing much more. I’m not sure where my life will end up, but I am so excited to begin this phase in life.

    Sending you so much love and light. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us. I am so happy to see your success and how far your reach is growing.



  66. Gabby, as usual, this post has popped into my inbox at the exact time I needed it! I’ve literally (about 10 minutes ago!) just finished your book, ‘Spirit Junkie’, and also bought Sarah Wilson’s cookbook on Sunday. Yeees, I think the universe is trying to tell me something!

    Thank you again for your support and guidance! x

  67. Thank you Soooo much for being such a strong ,powerful,comfortable in her on skin woman,your positive light is………HEALING on soo many levels!How mind blowing is it that you are the 3rd or 4th person to tell me about John of God hmmmm( challenge , most have had life threatening illness now HEALED!do why would I need to know John of God…..worthiness) again. Thank you for sharing your Joy. & Love with us so appreciated,Peace,K

  68. Wow I have been anti sugar for years to the point that it made me feel hung over in the morning if I ate it. I fell off the wagon sometime last year and just decided that today was the day to get back to my happy sugar free lifestyle when my daughter asked me 5 min ago to make some “Real” brownies meaning not sugar free…. Now I open this!;)I’m going to bake these instead! thanks Gabby you rock! Loving the miracles;)

  69. I love how you can take out the word sugar and replace it with whatever you are trying to let go of in your life. I am going to do say the “sugar prayer” daily with my “sugar substitution”, as I am seriously trying to let go of something that’s had a hold of me for many years. I know it will help me. Thank you!

  70. The very thought of giving up sugar seems hard but its definitely a task I’d like to take on. The way I see it, its a life altering choice that will be worth it in the long(and short) run. Well, I’ve got number 1 down. I’m actually pretty psyched about it. My future self will thank me. : D

  71. This message is exactly what I needed to hear, as I release sucrose sugar/white flour based foods, as a physical health and spiritual necessity in 2014.

    Doreen Virtue’s prayers is great, as are the sucrose/sugar free recipes by Australia’s Sarah Wilson!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  72. Oh this couldn’t have come at a better time!!!! By Best friend and I had a huge talk about addiction to sugar yesterday. I’ve been wanting to do a candida cleanse, but I haven’t been 100% ready to commit. Ironically the Natural path Dr. Appointment had been made and I know these tips will come in handy. Another fab blog. Thank you angels.
    Love and light.

  73. Thank you!!! This article is my wink from the UNIVERSE. I was just pondering how to quit my sugar addition then BAM! this came up. Wonderful as always:)

  74. Thanks for the post and the resources!
    This has come at such a great time for me. I’m currently on my second candida detox right. When I was diagnosed with candida overgrowth a year ago, my naturopath was surprised by the diagnosis. I rarely crave sugar. I’m not a fan of sweets, except anything in the burnt sugar family, so rarely consume them. I have few symptoms of yeast overgrowth, except for a specific reaction to yeasty beers (I looove yeasty beers) + ADD. I mostly eat a clean diet, limit my process food, and eat a lot of fresh food! Then recently my new dentist (a friend who’s known me for years) found candida in a plaque sample and he was shocked because he knows I eat a clean diet.

    For help with the candida detox I’ve been turning to paleo lifestyle resources because it’s so similar. No sugar, no yeast, no gluten, etc. That approach has helped me find some great recipes, including one for a sandwich bread that I made yesterday (see link to my blog for details). My naturopath told me that on my detox I can continue with fruit in my smoothies. I’ve been using stevia as sweetener occasionally. What’s harder for me than sugar is vinegar in condiments as well as the other substances that feed on yeast. I made my own mayonnaise last night for the first time because of it.

    Keep sharing your detox journey! Thanks again!

  75. It would be nice to mention what Sa Ta Na Ma means, especially in this context; the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle being so essential to the process of healing and curing addiction/habit.
    You sound under the weather, hope you get well soon!

    1. The literal meaning is as follows: Sa means birth (or infinity); Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth. Thus, the mantra describes the eternal circle of life: birth, life, death, rebirth.

  76. After a year of recurring sinus infections that were taking me out for weeks at a time I saw a holistic practitioner who put me on a candida cleanse last October and I haven’t been sick since. Yay! I had about a week slip up around Christmas but am back on track and feeling so much better. It was so neat to see your post today and thank you for all the great info, tips, and for creating the sugar free group on her future. It’s nice to have others to walk this path with.

  77. Inspiring as always, and I LOVE this… “If you’re not sure that you’re truly ready to let go of sugar (or any other habit that’s not serving you), wait it out. There’s nothing wrong with not being ready.”

    Thank you!!!

  78. I did a Whole30 about a year ago and was shocked at
    #1 yes, sugar is in EVERYTHING. I still forget to check sometimes and find myself frustrated I accidentally bought tomato paste with corn syrup in it (so unnecessary! it isn’t like it even tastes better).
    #2 I thought I would miss cheese (I LOVE TexMex and thought removing chili con queso from my diet would be hard). Cheese wasn’t easy, but I didn’t have cravings like I did with sugar. And FAKE sugar was the most surprising! I missed fake sugar in my coffee in the morning (sometimes I still do and I haven’t had hardly any fake sugar – none in my coffee – in nearly a year, its crazy). I missed a sweet treat after lunch. It was a huge surprise to me how much I missed it, how much I craved it.

  79. Ha. “The girl who cried great blog”…becoming her too. Love your “intuitive” in the kitchen comment. Have lots of folks asking for my recipes after posting pics…I just don’t know…as it’s usually a little of this, some of that and different every time depending on the fridge or pantry of the moment!

  80. Thanks for another beautiful and amazing post! I really enjoy smoothies but I always add bananas and berries. Are there any fruits that can be consumed? Also, have you noticed your energy going up?

    Thanks so much!!! You’re wonderful!

  81. Hi Gabby,
    THANK YOU for this post! It really helps to have others encourage you with this.
    I too decided to quit sugar after drinking a flavoured latte and realizing how much sugar was in one of them. I originally would only check labels for fat and calories. However, learning how sugar can influence your weight really stuck out to me. I have started slow and eliminated sugary drinks, candy, and most chocolate. I still like a piece of dark chocolate. I would like to give it up entirely and am moving forward in the process. It is hard though as when you check labels, sugar is in SO many things.

    Thanks for your support in this process and for enlightening people about this. You rock!

  82. Your blog today is my wink from the universe. I am on day 4 of a complete sugar detox and I am ready. It is a spiritual decision as well as for my health.
    I completely agree that cooking is a meditative act!

  83. Hi Gabby,

    What a timely post! I had a meeting with a nutritional therapist today to help manage feelings of fatigue and a low immune system though diet. I’ve been recommended going on a anti-inflammatory diet. I think giving up sugar would really help as well to boost my health and vitality. I’ve asked my NT about candida as this was something also mentioned by Loulou when I saw you both in London.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Hi Alison! I couldn’t recommend giving up sugar more highly, especially if you’ve been advised anti inflammatory – could be the boost you need. I’ve come to understand that candida is behind pretty much everything from a headache to a skin issue to fatigue and pain. All my encouragement to you! x

  84. There seems to be a fair amount of sugar in the ingredients for your recipe. If you’re 100% cutting out sugar, I’d think you’d be looking for different stuff.

  85. wow what perfect timing!!!
    i’m on day 8 of giving up sugar.
    the detox symptoms are no joke.
    i’m starting to feel better physically but this post really eases my mind that feeling depression is normal at this time and to be extra gentle with myself.
    looking forward to my own day 66.
    thanks for the inspiration gabby! 🙂

  86. Divine intervention at its best! For two weeks my inner voice has been telling me that I need and will give up sugar. I have been slowly adjusting to my voices message. Every magazine I picked up talked about the evils of sugar…tv had it on too…I was getting the message loud and clear!
    Today is my first day of truly letting sugar go…and here is your post!
    Miracle….plain and simple!

  87. Hey Gabby,

    thanks for sharing this!!
    I agree with you that sugars and sweeteners are bad for you… But I don’t know what to think about the natural sugars. All the information I hear about it confuses me: ‘fruit is healthy’, ‘the sugar in fruit is bad for you’, etc. I just don’t know what is true!
    I am very interested in feeding my body the right stuff. I’ve been vegan for almost a year. 85 – 90% of my diet are fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. I almost eat no processed foods. It makes me feel really good.
    People who eat raw are very positive about fruit (FullyRaw Kristina, Durian Rider, The Banana Girl, etc)……

    On the one hand I just cannot believe that fruit which nature provides can be that bad… But on the other hand I have some skin issues (no other issues) and question if this can be candida….. Is it possible for you to write down what you eat during a day?

    Thank you!!

    a Dutch girl who wants to know the truth about fruit!! 🙂

    1. Hey Janneke… I think Doug Graham addresses that in the 80-10-10 book. It seems like the key to being healthy with a lot of raw fruit is keeping the fat ratio low…. I know when I have done the Master Cleanse for 10 days… and here I’m only taking in lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne…. that in the beginning the tongue becomes coated, as you detox, and by day 10 it is pink and clear. (So here I was taking in a ton of maple syrup, but zero fat). And it cleared the candida. Freelee talks about hers going into check after 5 days of eating bananas only. Again zero fat. I feel really great on raw vegan as well… but I think people can let the fat ration get too high from nuts and avocado… etc…and I believe the extra fat keeps the sugar in the blood too long, feeding the candida. Hope that helps. 🙂

  88. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment – I would miss fruit! Just wondering about the pineal gland function you mentioned. I thought the pineal gland secreted melatonin and don’t understand the connection to the pituitary gland, can you explain the science a little better?

  89. sorry…just went back and read some previous posts about the stevia. still curious about the agave bc i thought it was all natural with a low glycemic index. thanks again!

    1. a lot of reports are coming out about agave saying it’s just like sugar. i’ll dig up more info for you. i stay far away from agave b/c it is a major no no on the candida diet

    2. It has a super high fructose content, usually higher than any other sweetener out there, including high fructose corn syrup. It’s nothing like the original plant from where it came from & has been highly processed — all the stuff about it being low glycemic is all hype.

  90. Wow, Gabby you always post exactly what I need at the perfect moment! I literally woke up tired today and said, “that’s it! Sugar has got to go.”. I wasn’t sure where to start; thank you <3.
    Blessings x

  91. I’m lying here in bed feeling terrible after beginning my “no sugar adventure”, scrolling through Facebook apathetically, when this post jumps out at me, leading me to the exact message I needed. How perfect is the universe?? Gabby, thank you for staying committed to your mission and message. I’m feeling spiritually pumped to kick candida in the teeth now!

  92. Your work has inspired me to connect more deeply with my spirit and how I can live a healthier life starting from within. Thank you for this article. Also, I listen to your vlogs about releasing fear and manifesting every day and they have allowed me to let go of trying to control and manipulate outcomes in my life concerning my hopes and dreams.

    This article about kicking sugar is just another wonderful and inspiring piece you have contributed to the world. Bless you.

  93. After my workout this morning I did gabby’s “meditation for manifesting” at the end when she said, “What are you ready to let go of?” Sugar popped into my head. This isn’t something I sat down on my mat thinking about; it just came through me suddenly, (like when you speak before you think.) Finished up the meditation, and checked my inbox, and the email with the subject Vlog: 5 Tips to Quit Sugar the Spirit Junkie Way? had just came in.

  94. After my workout this morning I did gabby’s “meditation for manifesting” at the end when she said, “What are you ready to let go of?” Sugar popped into my head. This isn’t something I sat down on my mat thinking about; it just came through me suddenly, (like when you speak before you think.) Finished up the meditation, and checked my inbox, and the email with the subject Vlog: 5 Tips to Quit Sugar the Spirit Junkie Way? had just came in.

  95. Im going to start giving up sugar from 1 feb I have been wanting to do it for a while now and with your tips it will help much more also giving up alcohol and coffee for a month too hopefully for good at least coffee and sugar anyway. Thank you

  96. I love your website and love this post Gabby! I was told by my doctor to eliminate sugar from my diet over a year ago to treat candida overgrowth and it seemed like an impossible task at the time because I was a total sugar addict. After 6 months of avoiding sugar I go so used to my new way of eating that tasting something sweet did not feel right on a physical level any more. But it was so much more than changing my eating habits: I had to address my psychological addiction and discover what was behind my sweet cravings and what I really desired in my life. I can say that my lifestyle has improved greatly since I embarked on this journey. Recently, I have started having something sweet in small quantities when I feel like it, which is not every day, because I really enjoy not being addicted to it. But I feel new year is the right time to go sure free again and your tips come at perfect time. Very useful and inspiring! Interesting fact about stevia and I love the brownie recipe.

  97. I will be using this to support me in an effort to cut out alcohol and to stop binge eating. I seem to use both to fill me up and stop the release of pain. Such great advice Gabby and I’m excited about the Kundalini meditation. Thank you for your inspiration and light.

    1. you can do a candida test through the book i recommend in this blog. check to see if your tongue is white. there is also a spit test.
      the symptoms for me were, i was tired, foggy, weak immune system, skin issues, cysts. many of those symptoms have already subsided:) woo hoo!

  98. Gabby, I so appreciate your focus on giving up sugar. After doing a colossal amount of holiday baking in 2009, I finally connected the dots between sugar and feeling down in the dumps. If I want to be depressed and hopeless, all I need to do is eat sugar. BLAM! Just like that. One final step toward being cheerful 24/7 was switching from coffee to green tea. These two different habits were life transforming! I wonder how many people who are suffering from depression,or even feeling suicidal, might just be consuming too much sugar or caffeine. You are providing such helpful support to make avoiding them much easier! Thank you!

  99. I’ve been off sugar for 13 days (inspired by your posts on Instagram, but I’ve wanted to kick it for a long time) and I feel so great!! The benefits are SO worth giving it up. XO.

  100. Thanks for this. I’ve been having this incessant nudge from the universe to detox sugar and tv from my diet, as it’s holding me back from being the best version of me. This post has come with divine timing and with tips I can use to detox both vices 😉

    Grateful. xx

  101. Hi Gabby, I’m a reasonably new follower/fan after attending your day in London in December. (Great day by the way – loved it!) I Love what you say about your motivation and desire to feel vibrant, healthy and energised and the more you expand your inner awareness and spiritual faith the more conscious you are of how you feel and how it becomes harder to indulge in bad habits……… I’ve made my focus for 2014 ‘being kinder to self’ and I wondered what was happening to me as I’m really experiencing a shift in my thoughts/behaviours!!! Now I know!! You so often have a wonderful and timely way of articulating what I’m experiencing or thinking. Thank you x

  102. Thank you! I quit sugar for 6 months 2 years ago. Slowly I fell back into old, unhealthy habits, but am back on track. This is day 8, and I am feeling the positive side effects! I have more energy and and am more alert. My body feels less acidic, and my overall out look on life is more positive. I am pinning this post for the more challenging days that will likely arise in the future:)

  103. I have been letting go of some habits that no longer serve me and these were great tips. One of them is a dietary change. I have been wanting to be completely vegan and I can resonate with feeling that its not a vanity thing. Even though for the last 6 months I have lost weight , my desire came from a place of wanting to live a more compassionate/kind life. My soul desires this more than anything.

    My other is reaching a financial goal I have been working on with my husband. Even though for him its a very practical goal, that does not excite me. I want to go deeper into my spiritual connection with God and find true happiness. I am tired of being stuck in the material things of this world, yes I would like to enjoy them, but not get compulsive about them. I have found this has been a pattern for me..desire something, get obssessed about it until I acquire it. It used to serve me as a way to work my manifestation muscle but now it feels very yucky. My new affirmation for 2014 is, “Let things come to you.” I got it from my Yogi tea and it helps me release my need to acquire which blocks my financial freedom..big time!
    Thanks for letting me share…it felt good.

    1. Hi Clari,
      That’s a lovely and open-hearted post! I love my Yogi tea wisdom too!

      I write all things about compassionate and conscious living on my blog, so please check it out for inspiration! I also came a across a wonderful blog called “And The We Saved” which might be helpful too!

      Thanks Gabby for a great blog! I always find I need a sugar-busting reminder in winter more than ever! Much love x x

  104. Way to go Gabby!!! Thanks so much for sharing your personal journey, your desire to feel healthy and energized is so inspiring! Peace and Love, Mairead xo

  105. Thank you Gabby for this awesome vlog! My mom has diabetes and I’m trying to find tasty recipes without sugar to trick her taste buds. I want her to live a long and happy life. Thank you so much for all your guidance.


    ps: I’ve experienced so many miracles in 2014! Thank you Universe!!

  106. But you use Stevia? isnt it a sweetener basically? I know its a plant and it has no calorie and no impact on blood sugar but, like, it is sweet! I dont get it. Is it that it doesnt contain glucose or fructose?

    1. stevia, an all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. These glycosides do not get absorbed into the body; rather simply pass through leaving no calories. Stevia is non-caloric and doesn’t affect glucose levels. Also, it has no carbohydrates or fat, so it’s great for my candida diet. For me I’m most focused on not affecting my glucose levels. The truth is that I use stevia sparingly as it does trigger a message to the brain saying, “i want more sweets!” If you feel you need a sweetener then stevia is my only suggestion. But I honor you if you’re ready to release sweeteners altogether. Sat Nam!

      1. Question: I have seen several “stevia” products which have dextrose or some other sugar-like substance as the first ingredient. Is there such a thing as a pure stevia sweetener? Any brands you can recommend?

        I am in DIRE need of a sugar detox….it is most definitely my CRACK!

  107. Dear Gabby, what a wonderful post! I loved all the tips you shared. The one that particularly resonated with me was that quitting sugar (or any other habit) is a deeply spiritual practice. When I was quitting cigarettes and then sugar, it also became a process for deep inner work and to clear out old thought-patterns. Loved the prayer and the meditation. Will be sharing it with my clients who’re on the same journey. Sending you so much love <3

  108. Great idea, Gabby! I quit sugar over a year ago and it’s changed my life. The steps you described are perfect not only when you get started, but also for keeping you on track, say around times like Christmas and Easter.. I look forward to trying your Brownie recipe, though the longer I haven’t eaten sugar for, the less sweet I need food to be. Enjoy the journey, and thanks for sharing. Sat Nam!
    PS: Here’s a recipe for sugar-free Chia Pudding I found and am going to try http://kitchenconfidante.com/coconut-chia-pudding-recipe

      1. Gabby thanks so much for sharing!
        It’s been awhile I’m feeling the urge to quit sugar. But by that you mean to also quit fruits once for all???
        Marcia Martins

  109. WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much! I’m marinating in your books, podcasts, lectures and vlogs right now. Thank you for making it accessible to us around the globe, Gabby, it’s highly appreciated! Love from Switzerland

  110. I’ve been waiting for this…HOW you did it!! And of course today I needed the message the most. Thank you as always for your light! And amazing job on dropping all of the bad habits 😉

  111. I’ve legit been stalking Gabbyb.tv to read this & update it everywhere! I’m becoming the girl who cried great blog… but THIS is your best one yet! Going to help so many people! Love you Gab!

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