The 5 Simple Spiritual Practices That Keep You Grounded When Life Gets Busy

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When life gets really busy it’s all too easy to fall off with your spiritual practices. You may have experienced this for yourself.

When life is cruising along in a comfortable routine, it’s simple to fit in your meditations, journaling, etc. But when things get really busy, our spiritual practices tend to get dropped. Anything from a big work deadline to planning a wedding, buying a home or having a baby can throw us off our path.

Ironically, it’s during these really busy times that we often need our spiritual practices the most! Staying connected is what keeps us grounded, inspired, energized and clear-headed. We can handle whatever comes up with grace and ease. Time expands. We intuitively know what to do when we have a million decisions to make. (This is a big reason why I created my Miracle Membership, which helps you stay spiritually connected every day!)

5 simple spiritual practices that keep you grounded

miracles now book gabby bernsteinIn this post I’m offering up five simple spiritual practices that keep you grounded when life gets busy! Try one or all of these practices to follow the fun and feel good no matter what.

All of these tips except for the first one are adapted from my book Miracles Now.

For Miracles Now I handpicked 108 simple techniques to combat our most common problems, such as stress, burnout, frustration and resentment. These practical, moment-to-moment tools will help you eliminate blocks and live with more ease. If you want even more of the kinds of tips below, pick up the book here. You can also grab the Miracles Now card deck and use it daily to expand your miracle mindset!

1. Start your day with a meditation to get into alignment

Get into vibrational alignment with the Universe from the moment you wake up. The morning is the most sacred time to set yourself up to win for the rest of the day. Whatever energy you bring into the morning is the energy you carry throughout the day.

Abraham-Hicks teach that when we sleep we release resistance to negative thoughts. That means that when we wake up we have a clean slate in front of us. We have an opportunity to release the negativity from the day before and begin again. That’s why the first moments of the morning are so precious. We can take advantage of being in a state of non-resistance and start the day with a fresh attitude.

2. Reconnect with music and movement

Music is one of the strongest tools we have to reconnect ourselves to our inner spirit. If you’ve felt frustrated or uninspired about certain areas of your life, you can use music to rejuvenate yourself from the inside out.

Do you want to shake a negative pattern or raise your energy? Make a positive perception playlist. Create a mix of songs that spark your spirit and put a smile on your face. Listen to the playlist when you wake up in the morning, during your commute, at the gym, while you cook dinner, etc.

Check out one of my positive perception playlists on Spotify!

Most importantly, you can use this playlist to shift your energy whenever you feel down. You can pack it with songs that are peaceful and calming or upbeat and energizing (or both). Let the music be your guide to reactivating your positive perceptions.

pure fun mini trampoline | re-energize your spiritual practice when life gets busyOne way to amp up this practice is to listen to your playlist while jumping on a mini trampoline! This is a practice I do every morning after my meditation. It gets your blood flowing, wakes you up and is awesome for your lymphatic system.

There are two mini trampolines I love. The Pure Fun Mini Trampoline is super light and inexpensive. If you want to make a bigger investment, the Urban Rebounder trampoline comes with a stabilization bar and a DVD box set with videos by my friend JB Berns.

If you don’t have a trampoline, you can jump rope, do jumping jacks or just dance!

3. Repeat an affirmation when life gets hectic

There is always a solution of the highest good — even though it may not be exactly what we think we want. Our job isn’t to force the outcome we want. Our job is to stay faithful to miracles and choose the highest good nonetheless. I’ve found that the more I commit to this perspective, the easier it is to move through uncomfortable situations.

When life gets busy or hard, this short affirmation will help you keep the faith: There is always a solution of the highest good.

There is always a solution of the highest good.

Recite it silently or out loud and you’ll keep the door open to receive. Your openness is all you need. You don’t need to worry about the solution you receive. Instead, simply be open to receive whatever is of the highest good.

4. Give your brain a break

gabby bernstein walking in the woods | re-energize your spiritual practice when life gets busyThe concept of slowing down often seems alluring, but it can also be hard to do because the pace of our lives is so fast. Running on high speed all the time can make you feel overwhelmed. You not only end up getting less done, you feel tense and anxious.

The counterintuitive secret to getting more done is to slow down. When you clear space to access your inner power, time will seem to expand and you’ll accomplish more.

When there’s a lot on your mind, it’s hard to feel productive and at peace. My friend Michael Eisen taught me that a great way to enhance your energy and create more time in your day is to take regular, mindful brain breaks.

This is really easy to do. Just step away from the computer, leave your phone behind and take a walk. These breaks help you mentally shake it all off and get back into your day’s tasks with a clear head.

5. Change your mood with a ritual

This awesome tip comes from my friend Barbara Biziou! It’s a ritual for changing your energy. Here’s how it works:

Crush some black peppercorns in a bowl or with a mortar and pestle and smell them. Black pepper releases negativity and wards off bad vibes immediately, making more space in your aura. You can also use essential oil of black pepper. (You can even carry a bottle of the essential oil with you when you need a hit of courage. It gives you extra energy to do the things you just don’t want to do.)

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With your eyes open, take a few deep breaths. Sit up and pull your shoulders back as you breathe from the top of the lungs. With your eyes up, take a few deep breaths of release. This puts you in a happy brain state.

Now close your eyes and lower your chin until you are sitting in a comfortable position. As you take a few deep breaths, imagine you can open to energy of peace and compassion. Imagine the energy flowing through you like warm, soothing water, dissolving the barriers that you’ve created to protect your inner light. Set your intention that only what is appropriate to be dissolved at this time will be released.

Now imagine that you have an invisible cloak around you. Only good and positive energy can enter and you now have the ability to safely share your true essence with the world. Seal this energy by burning lavender incense or dried lavender flowers, or by anointing yourself with lavender essential oil.

Note: It’s important to dilute essential oil in a carrier oil such as avocado, jojoba or apricot oil before putting it on your skin. You want a very small amount of essential oil compared to carrier oil. You can rub the diluted essential oil onto your wrists, temples or neck. Don’t use on broken skin.

Practice Kundalini meditation with me

miracles now meditation videos gabby bernsteinOne beautiful way to re-energize your spiritual practice is to bring in Kundalini yoga! In Miracles Now I include several Kundalini meditations.

Whether you are reading the book or not, one great resource is my Miracles Now Meditation Videos collection.

I break down each meditation for you so you can do each one with confidence, even if you’re totally new to Kundalini! These 12 videos will give you clear guidance on how to feel great even when life gets busy!

Get the videos here.

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