4 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships

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My  Spirit Junkie card deck is out now—and we decided to go really big with this one. It’s my third deck, designed by my best friend, Micaela Ezra (who put her heart and soul into the gorgeous art) and features 52 empowering messages to provide you with divine guidance and support. I’ve included some favorite quotes from my Spirit Junkie book, talks and lectures, and times in my life where I felt inspired.

Gabby Bernstein holding her spirit junkie card deck

This deck is designed to help you fully embrace your unique gifts and use them to be a force for good in the world. When we love and accept ourselves, we shine brightly, and that energy radiates outward—inspiring others to do the same. When we honor our light, we light up the world!

In celebration of the launch, I did a reading from the deck revealing four beautiful messages to help you with your relationships at this time.

You can also watch the full reading (and see even more of the gorgeous cards) below.




My genuine desire to serve clears the path for me to step into my purpose.

My genuine desire card in Spirit Junkie Card Deck

Open up right now to the fact that a lot of us might be feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed or scared about what’s happening in the world at this time. When we live in that way, we block our manifestations, we block our attracting power, we block our intuition, and we block the source of inspiration that’s moving through us.

One of the quickest ways out of those places of feeling blocked, anxious, scared, or alone is to be of service to others. When I started to get sober, I remember my sponsor saying to me, “When you’re feeling down, call somebody and see how you can help them” because the second that we put ourselves into the service of others, we get out of our own way. When you’re feeling helpless, help somebody else.

The genuine desire to serve others will clear your path. So today, if you’re feeling really funky, pick up the phone and reach out to someone. Or, see how you can help by responding to someone in your social media feed, and give them a little love and encouragement. Do something that will allow you to get out of your own head and into the service of others.

My greatest experience of freedom comes when I let go of what others think of me.

My greatest freedom Spirit junkie card deck

I have a lot of people who come on my show, Dear Gabby, and say that they’re upset because their partner (or parent or friend) doesn’t believe in them. We can feel blocked because of the beliefs of other people. But, the freedom of being able to show up in the ways that we’re meant to and develop spiritually is by letting go of what other people think.

Other people are merely a mirror reflection back to you of what it is that you still need to resolve within yourself.

Let go of what others are saying and putting on you. You can be free to resolve whatever it is that is unhealed within you when you let go of others’ expectations and projections. Use their resistance as an opportunity to recognize what you are resisting …so you can do your work to heal.

Release other people’s stories. Put the focus back onto yourself.

Instead of taking on the fear of others, I reflect love.

Spirit Junkie card deck card-reflect love

There’s a lot of people going through difficult experiences right now. Instead of being a sponge and empathically soaking up all of those fears, we can use the power of our prayers and intentions to get ourselves into alignment with a positive, energetic state. Then, we can express and reflect love back to others who are expressing fear.

This card actually brings us right back to “Our desire to serve clears the path.” If you’re getting a lot of negativity and fear from other people, be of service by reflecting love.

It’s safe to slow down, relax and let go.

Slow down card in spirit junkie card deck

When we make the commitment to slow down, relax, and let go…we are in the most receptive state we can be. We are in an energy of inner peace and presence. When we slow down, relax and let go…things can be resolved, relationships can strengthen, creative ideas can come forth, fears can subside, and inspired ideas can make a movement within us.

We can allow the inner wisdom and inner guidance that is available to all of us to come through when we slow down, relax, and let go.


This card deck is a great practice to add to your morning ritual. Pull a card to be your mantra, and reflect on it throughout the day (especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or stress starts to creep in). Let these cards support you as you release old fears and patterns, step into your power, and choose love. Each message brings you back to the truth…you can find grace in every challenge, miracles are available to you in every moment, and you already have everything you need to shine within you.

Comment below and tell me what cards you pull for yourself, and how they are helping you on your journey. If you don’t have a deck, get The Spirit Junkie Card Deck here.

assortment of cards in the Spirit Junkie deck

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