3 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

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Note: I updated this post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

Keeping the high vibes flowing every day is super important to me. But while a positive attitude often comes naturally, sometimes it’s hard to maintain my Spirit Junkie mentality. A disturbing news event can upset me, a nasty social media comment can piss me off or someone can disappoint me. Maintaining my happy mojo takes work — but it’s worth every bit of effort.

We have to protect our energy so that we can maintain flow.

I believe we have to put our happiness above everything else. We have to protect our energy and our thoughts so that we can maintain flow. Therefore, it’s essential that we become conscious of how to redirect our attitude in an instant.

The more aware you are of how you get taken out of your Spirit Junkie mentality, the easier it is to come back to peace. With that in mind, in this blog post I share three tips for turning around a bad day.

Use these tools throughout the day and proactively participate in your happiness!

3 ways to turn around a bad day

Watch the video below and keep reading for the three steps I follow to turn around a bad day.

Step 1: Honor your feelings (rant!)

The first step is to be pissed, to rant, to get into it. Just acknowledge what is bothering you. Write it in your journal or call a trusted friend — just make sure not to unload too much so you don’t bring them down. You can just say, “Can you listen to me and hold space for me in this moment?” And just let it loose. Get it out.

Getting it out is a crucial step when you want to turn around a bad day, because if we don’t acknowledge and honor what we’re experiencing, we’re just going to move over it. Instead, we want to move through it. So give yourself that period of time to just get through the experience and feel the feeling.

After you’ve ranted and let it out, say to yourself, “I’m ready to let this go. I’m ready to see it differently.”

Step 2: Pick a card

I recognize that I have chosen fear, and I choose again. I choose love.After you’ve let it out and you’ve set the intention to see things differently, I suggest picking a card from a deck such as The Universe Has Your Back card deck or the Miracles Now card deck.

This is a beautiful way to receive divine guidance that will help you see things differently. Whatever card you pull, let it be a gentle reminder to change your intentions and surrender whatever it is that’s dragging down your energy.

You can also open one of my books to a random page and let the lessons on the page guide you! Miracles Now offers up 108 lessons, tips and techniques for less stress and more flow. And throughout The Universe Has Your Back I share Universal Lessons, prayers and mantras that help you shift your mindset.

Step 3: Be kind to someone else

The third step how to turn around a bad day is to give somebody a compliment! Dish out the compliments sincerely and liberally. You can go so far as to write a letter or email to someone, thanking them and letting them know how much you appreciate them.

You may even decide to compliment someone who normally pisses you off! Find something you love about them and let them know.

What this does is it gets you out of your own stuff, and it makes you feel good. It makes you feel good to acknowledge another human being. And that’s a beautiful tool for cleaning up your day.

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