3-Steps to Get out of a Baditude

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In this vlog I share my three-step process for releasing a Baditude…

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  1. Gabby,
    Sometimes it’s like you’re hooked into my head! I had a BADitude this morning when I yelled at a construction worker for telling me, “Good Morning,” on the way to the train. My ego really really really hates cat calls. The worst part was that I was listening to one of your lectures at the time! Although, I followed your steps before I saw this! So, I walked to the train realizing that I was having an ego attack. Then, I closed my eyes and listened to you talking on the train and sat down to a meditation at work. If I see the construction worker, I’ll apologize, but I sent him an energetic apology at my desk.

    1. Andrea nice one! You were already practicing the 3-steps to releasing a BADitude even before you watched the vlog. Woot! I think it’s important to let yourself experience whatever comes up. But then as quickly as possible turn it over to your ~ing for healing.
      love to u sister.

      1. Thanks, Gabby! I obviously had another miracle today walking home. A guy on the street told me I was pretty, but in a way that made me feel like a piece of meat. Instead of freaking out, I stopped, turned around and said, “You know, that’s actually harassment. I don’t like it. I don’t know any other women who like it.” He said, “I just told you you was pretty.” I said, “Yeah, but the way you said it was harassment. Please be respectful.” I turned around and walked away. I felt really proud of myself because I was able to set a boundary for myself in a totally non-defensive way. Maybe it even served other women this man might not harass on the street.

  2. I had to laugh… My family and I were riding bikes in San Francisco this weekend and I rode into the rail track and toppled over. I wasn’t really hurt, but after that, I just couldn’t get it together and have fun. We had a great meal and saw amazing sights, but my BADitude stuck with me. Silly, kind of like chasing the sun!
    Have a great day at the beach!

  3. Love that! I would like to add step 4 to the specific batitude that comes with no sun on a beach day. sing the sun song!!! i will teach you, my teacher.
    happy 4th! i cant wait to see you. tell z hi.
    xxx e

  4. Gabby-
    Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom during your vacation.
    And, to admit to all us people out here your honesty and realness.
    I think it’s these small moments when a “luxury” or “little” problem starts in my head, that creates that downward spiral of negative mind taking over my whole day, and then a week — if I don’t stop it and catch it. And, then I end up feeling crappy all day instead of just for an hour and won’t even know why/how I got there!
    Sometimes, I don’t think to give it credit that it did make me mad or irritable, because my ego says, “oh, it’s just a little thing.” or “oh, you’re on vacation, it’s not valid or right to get mad about this or that sunshine thing”.
    But, when a mentor, self-help, spiritually grounded person like you says out loud to the world, “Yes, this happens to me too! And, yes, these are those exact moments that you do give credit to and here’s how to handle that which happens to us all…”
    Well, it reminds me that I am not alone in this spiritual journey, and that I am normal when I find myself reacting to my mind and it’s emotional take off at times.
    Thank you for being real,
    Blessings to you for a happy day with your ~ing,

  5. After a little surfing of the web this morning I “accidentally” stumbled upon something of yours through a link on the Huffington Post website. In your little intro I saw you holding A Course In Miracles…I am not an active student of the Course, but I have been familiar with it for about 15 years and parts of it have apparently become embedded in my mind. Just this morning early, my husband was having some sort of negative emotional episode. He wouldn’t talk about it, but my ego was drumming up defensive lines to protect me should an argument ensue. From out of the blue the words “all defense is an attack” sprang into my mind. I dropped my plans to engage…an hour later i stumbled on your pretty face holing the book. I’ve been looking at some of your talks, you have a lovely gift, bringing these messages to the next generation. So glad my ING pointed you out to me.

    1. janice it’s awesome to connect with you! i love fellow course students. i love how your ~ing aka Holy Spirit always know’s when you need a little jumpstart.
      nice one!

  6. Gabby,

    Thanks for sharing, I wish that I would have had this information much sooner. I think I have been off my game lately and have fallen back into badness! Your positive light really radiates through and pushes me to focus my energies and past my Baditudes… I have been in a real funk lately and the tragedies that have been occurring around me- well I have been allowing them to affect me and not dealt. I needed this thanks again doll.

  7. Ha, love this Gabby! I can totally relate. I had a Baditude yesterday evening for a few hours while I was in complete overwhelm with competing responsibilities. I laughed at myself while I had the baditude and knew I was being an idiot but stopping, taking a walk and laughing more helped me totally.
    I love seeing this change with clients too. So cool 🙂

  8. Great stuff!
    I love ” stop drop and meditate”!!!! I am going to use that for sure!~
    I find that finding the intention behind the BAditude is helpful…….Your intention was to have a great day in the sun……..and the 2 year old in us throws a tantrum because we arent getting what we wantLOL! ………i have been asking myself the question………” how can I have a great moment NOW” …this brings you into the moment so we dont miss the beauty in the clouds and rain!!!!!!

    XOXO smiles

  9. Blessings to you for sharing the three step reminder. Meditation is the unaltered, unalterable state we all need to be urged to flow in.

  10. Gabby,
    I just came across you and your web site. I too have a story and want to inspire as many women as possible. I will be getting your book this weekend and will be excited for your new one coming in September. I’d love to share my story with you! I read about you on Belief net and it felt as though I was reading about myself! So excited to read more about you and your life as well as your meditations and lectures. Im so excited!!!

    Angel xo

  11. I have been watching Gabrielle’s videos for no more than 15 minutes. I have enjoyed her lectures. But the best thing that happened was that my energy/vibration had risen to a point that I actually manifested something I had wanted for more than a year: I love George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and have loved it for decades. Three years ago I associated it with a particular friend who sent me the link on Youtube. When the friendship ended for all the good reasons about a bit over a year ago, I couldn’t bear listening to the song because I missed the good times in the friendship. Well, today one of Gabrielle’s videos ended with the song playing…This time I was not sad because I was in a high vibration…I immediately signed on and listened to the whole song and enjoyed it as if there had never been a loss of any kind associated with it.
    I had intended to enjoy the song and all I had to do was to rise my vibration and listen to it for its own sake. Trivia? Not to me. I really love the song!

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