The #1 Key to Success? Committing to Your Happiness

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I recently had a soulful conversation with my dear friend Robert Holden, the author of Holy Shift. We discussed how people get stuck in the belief system that they need to achieve some sort of outer success to be happy.

Robert said “I see it differently. Instead of thinking your success will create happiness, I believe that committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

“Committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

In this video I will help you re-frame your belief that success equals happiness. Instead I emphasize how focusing on happiness will clear your path to experience success beyond your wildest dreams.

Putting this shift into practice will change your expectations, motivations and overall attitude towards life.

Press play and let the miracles begin:

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  1. If people don’t take responsibility for their action, they only give more excuses then they never success at anything. Successful person make many mistakes than other people but they learn them until they can master them. If you don’t have any lesson from your mistake you still make more mistake. Serious learn from your mistake if you want to be success at it.

  2. Yes! Awesome message, thank you. So… happiness first to broadcast your coordinates to the universe so joy and miracles know where to find you 🙂 Got it! Happiness for me can be buying 3 magazines instead of 1 or suspending logic to buy yet another shade of red lipstick just to see! (never works out but still fun to try) Joyful and wobbly baby steps into my own happiness…thanks Gabby!

  3. the thought of embracing joy and happiness is quite terrifying for me as I truly believe that if I let go of my vigilance to all that can and do and will go wrong my life will turn to utter chaos and then really bad things will happen because I dropped the ball and ran with it instead of clutching ever so tightly…sigh baby steps.

    1. One thing stood out in your courageously honest comment. “Truly Believe” It took for me patients and consistency to break down my beliefs. So the (Happiness & Joy) could shine through. I “truly believed” in many things that have turned out not so believable on the other side. I was willing to try anything to break down beliefs that stood in my way. So one I remember is; shifting my vigilance to only 2 things
      1.) taking suggestion from other healthy people whom I desired to have, what they have. Example of suggestions: meditation, embracing Happiness & Joy, and many other exercises.
      2.) Finding Faith that the suggestions would work & I wouldn’t fall apart.
      I do it till this day, Keep the faith because all of us have been their its a continual process for all. You will discover your way to embrace! 🙂

  4. Perfect timing Gabby and so appreciated. This week, joy has been my focus and I have just watched you Vlog. I love it! The universe brings you signs from every direction when you’re open to it! I appreciate all that I am learning from you and am so grateful that I came across your sight only 2 weeks ago. Blessings!

  5. Thank you very much for this video post, Gabby! It’s far too easy to get caught up in the challenging aspects of life, instead of focussing on the positive and deliberately seeking out joy. Thanks for the reminder – you’re on the right track!

  6. I give thanks to the Universe for you Gabby. What a blessing you are. You have brought real and positive change into my life and that of my little family. May all your kindness, love and light be returned to you in the most miraculous and meaningful ways. Truly, thank you.

  7. Whoa, eye-opener! I always thought I wasn’t after succes at all, and then you mentioned health goals… I definitely want succes there, and it does feel like a struggle at times. I now commit to JOY and HAPPINESS instead of succes, in any field. Thanks again for your great guidance and inspiration, Gab. May Cause Miracles changed my life! <3

  8. Funny about the way the universe works. I didn’t know I needed to hear this until I was on your site listening to your latest video post…Thank you for always bringing out what I need to hear!! 🙂 XO!

  9. LOVE this perspective. YES. If we commit to our joy/ happiness, the rest will come more naturally! I’m definitely trying to let go of the “how do I get ‘there’?” mode, and enjoy the journey. It’s as significant, if not more so, than our destination/ goals. It’s the piece that shapes us the most.
    Thanks for this insight and the reassurance!

  10. I love this! What a wonderful reminder. Here I am working on creating this program for women called “WORTHY” and I keep being reminded of the quintessential components to this program being successful. Being happy, having fun and creating it because it makes me happy to support women to find their voice, look at their shadows and claim their stories to get out of the scarcity cycle! Such an awesome reminder. Thank you sweet one.

  11. Thanks for this! I’ve been a bit down and cranky lately, and trying to find a way to turn things around. it’s usually a lot simpler than we make it out to be, isn’t it? So I’m committing to being happy!

  12. Gabrielle, you are so inspirational and uplifting and you always make me see and understand things more clearer. Thank you so much, you are my mentor. I have been feeling stuck for a while now in my whole life but primarily in my relationship, feeling that my needs were not being met, I wasn’t being heard and by listening to you just now, I can see that what I have been doing is focusing on the negative and that just gave me more of the same. I can see what you mean, If I focus on my personal joy and the joy and happiness I give others, then I will radiate more joy and happiness into my life. How do you lift your energy when you feel so drained or low?

  13. This is so true and thank you for backing up my card reading this morning. I have been pulling the “Attachment” card quite often lately and relating it to something else which I have been doing a lot of work on to release. But the darn card kept coming up. Today, I finally realized what it was telling me. “I am too attached to the outcome”. The cards beside it helped me to piece it together more easily. Yes! Just enjoy what I am doing in every moment and all is coming. When I create from my heart in joy & gratitude without the concern of how my art is going to get out there or how I am I going to market it. I do believe it will all fall into place and I will be presented with the right opportunities at the right time. I know I will recognize it. But for now, just enjoy the process of creation. Thanks Gabby, this is a real aha moment on top of an aha moment…Don’t ya love that?

  14. this is such a true statement – as soon as I changed my focus from “career” to simply being happy with who I am and committing to sharing kindness and love, my life has gone from a half full cup to an overflowing cup! I am thrilled to be a Reflexology Practitioner and Nutrition Counselor – I have happiness and success that I can share!

  15. I enjoy your videos; they are helpful, thank you. But, help! How does a persin commit to their happiness (or have any hope of it) if that persin is a victim of humin rights and civil liberties violations on a continually basis? If you, or anyone, can answer this question, it would be the most helpful thing. Thank you for listening.

    1. Just thought I’d take a chance that my comment might help in the first step towards a new direction. I recall a meditation Gabby has available on iTunes that says “I choose to perceive my world with love. “. That came to my mind when I read your post. I’m not saying to try to look at the bright side, I’m saying try to tune in to the Inner Guides perspective. The one that says there IS hope will show you how to find it. Also know that there are many who will read this text and send you love. I wish you joy!!

  16. Gabby,
    I use the mantra “I am the light” or “I am joyful in this moment!” when things get tough–is that enough or is there another approach that would be more beneficial?


  17. Very inspirational Gabby and thank you. I make it a point to check in with myself daily and follow this affirmation …..”Every day in every way I seek my alignment to the pure, positive source energy God, from which I come. I seek the love and joy within myself, I seek the love and joy within all others, I seek the love and joy within all things, I seek the love and joy within all moments. All is well and this is so very, very so”. Debi Kelland

  18. Hhhhhmmmmm….not so sure about this. I would rather commit to the present…..By committing to something other than what is, you are framing your self in the future. I have found abundant happiness in the present because it is all there is. Developing a strategy for the future opens us up to comparing and wanting. But that’s just me! Thank you for your generosity and work:)b

  19. Gabby, I know that this is the wrong place to post this. But I am requesting a post from you on how to face personal illness and maintain a high frequency. I am new to anything more enlightened than raw emotion and reactivity. I am new to NOT succumbing to fear. And I may have a really challenging diagnosis in the horizon. I would like to fortify. I hope the Mid gets you this I’m and you feel led to teach on this life issue. Oh…about me…I’m a 44 year-old mom of four, caring for my 81 year-old dad as well. And it’s my honor to be mom and dad to everyone. So you can see, I am the rock. :). Thank you!

  20. Thanks for great video’s topic to kick of the Week Gabby. I have to agree, this is exactly how Part II of my life is unfolding. This ties into my favorite & driving force in my unfoldment, Humility!!
    Any dose of Humility breaks down resistance & open doors to Joy and abundance in Life. It’s so Great that Technology is helping those of us “Desiring” our experiences, growth, & struggles, with the World. Keep up the Great Work! 🙂

  21. Gabby 🙂 As always your videos and insight have found me just when I needed them to! I seem to be getting hit over the head (universally-speaking) at the moment with the concept of creating and cultivating more joy and happiness in my life. When it gets hard, when the past creeps up, when the traumas don’t want to go away of their own volition, it can feel so difficult. I am working hard to not focus on that difficulty or those negative feelings/emotions, trying to not let them influence my energy. Daily I work on letting them go, releasing them and surrendering them to the universe and angels. Something I’ve found that helps me is to remember the reaction I get when I am feeling light and universally connected. On those days, simply walking into a coffee-shop with a genuine smile on my face, bringing the universal ‘happy train’ with me, the reaction of others around me, towards me, show me everything I need to see 🙂 You are right; you do become a magnet. People respond to our joy when it truly comes from within. It is that noticeable. Conversely, I notice on those days where I feel out of whack the utterly different way people look at me or respond to me, how difficult the day seems to be, the hard stares for no reason and the tiny battles and universal glitches everywhere. To choose happiness, that joyful inner state, can be hard when we are faced with so much – and so many face such hard life battles. But it is so much harder to choose the other path, to dwell in negative thoughts. We just don’t realize it because it’s easy to take that path at first. We can all help one another by spreading genuine joy. Besides, the joy knock-on effect is far more interesting and fun than the alternative 🙂 Thank you, as always, for sharing your insight and light with all of us. Peace and Joy, Gabby. Satnam. xxx

  22. A great reminder to let go of FORM and focus on the ESSENCE! Sometimes I focus so much on the form that (I think) will bring me joy so much that joy itself suffers.
    Thanks Gabby!

  23. Hey Gabby! I have really been embracing your teachings for the past year or so. Since I began truly believing and living in the light I have noticed a positive shift in my life! I am now six months pregnant and was just offered my dream job last week (working as a matchmaker). I know the universe only gives what you can handle, so I am now praying for guidance on how to deal with two such wonderful blessings at once. Thanks for all that you do! I would love to see a follow-up Vblog on your “How do deal with success” Vblog from a few weeks ago. Thanks!

  24. Well said, Gabby. I love the quote from Robert Holden. It reminds me about a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It´s about gratitude.

    If you are grateful for what you have right now you attract more things to be grateful for which will lead to more abundance in your life. Focusing on the positive in your life will bring more and more good experiences to you.

    Like your videos a lot. They add a lot value.


  25. Just.What.I.Needed today 🙂 Thank you! You (and Robert) are right on – choosing to be Happy does bring success. After all, what could be more successful than living a happy life? xo to you Gabby!

  26. I totally agree and glad to be reminded of this today, joy happiness the very basis of bringing out light out. Also enjoy Robert Holden and his books. Love you Gabby you are right on!!!!!

  27. Hello Gabby,

    Beautiful vlog, thank you! I’ve been watching your vlogs for some time now and can’t help but notice the lovely colors in your circle-art piece on your back wall.
    I’ve been thinking about what to wear to an important meeting in a few weeks. What colors give off abundant energy and what might be some more miracle-minded color/fashion suggestions for my wardrobe? Perhaps a vlog on “Dressing for success” may be interesting. With love from Manhattan!

    1. Gabby,
      What a great way to start my week. I really needed to hear this!! I have started to work on meditation daily and it is so beneficial. People ask me what I am doing that has a glow to my skin, a skip to my step, and boundless energy. Keep up the work of inspiring us all!! Thanks!! Maria

  28. I totally love that quote 🙂 When we allow ourselves to find joy, be in a happy mindset rather than focus on the negative or the lack is when the true miracles come forward. Thanks for sharing this with the world sister.

  29. Gabby, you always come through girl! Whenever I (and the world) need you, your message and light is there! I definitely needed to hear this message today. Thank you! Have an amazingly abundant week! Always in health, Kell

  30. I love how this is EXACTLY the message I’ve been needing. Gabby, you always make things click in a Divine way and remind me to focus on love and happiness. I’ve been struggling lately with body image and wanting better health and fitness in my life but being stuck in the negative aspect of focusing and bodily judgment. I had a quote pop into my head this morning that “nothing worth it has ever come quickly or easily” and this new quote from you is an affirmation of how to refocus on my goals! Thank you SO very much for everything you do, you are a true inspiration <3

  31. Thanks for great video’s topic to kick of the Week Gabby. I have to agree, this is exactly how Part II of my life is unfolding. This ties into my favorite & driving force in my unfoldment, Humility!!
    Any dose of Humility breaks down resistance & open doors to Joy and abundance in my Life. It’s so Great that Technology is helping those of us “Desiring” (another good topic Desire) to Share what we have learned through our growth & struggles, with the World. Keep up the Great Work! 🙂

  32. YES! Thank you. Thank you.

    This feeling of bringing happiness (in different words & approach) is something I have been doing for about a year & it truly, really does work. I add visualizing into it as well. i.e.: not wanting to go to work, so in morning meditation imagine yourself going through your day & what you’ll do, but more importantly how do you want to FEEL when doing the things you need to do, how your surrounds feel calm, clean & relaxed. Imagine how you want to FEEL when engaging with others & them with you. Just deciding your outlook is positive, calm, peaceful will set the tone & when you feel that way, the universe sends it back.

    Over the past month or so I’ve been having a hard time staying in this vibe for some reason & this video has really helped to shift the perspective in a slightly different way to reach the same effect & get back high vibing.

    Thank you, Gabby.
    xoxo Meredith

  33. Thank you for this – I have 2 job interviews this week so am going to focus my energy on my career about which job will bring me greater joy and happiness and trust that I’m guided to the right role!

    Sat nam, Catherine 🙂

    Ps seeing the 1’s again, blog title and there were 11 comments when I watched! My birthday is 11/11 as well

  34. This is my struggle. I grew up thinking it was almost ‘wrong’ to be happy and joyful. It was irresponsible. As you get older and you face the realities of life, happiness is so important. Thank you for this, I needed it today!

  35. Thank you so much for this video!! I have been meditating with the spirit junkie meditations for a while and joy is what I felt I need to bring in to ALL areas of my life. Thank you Gabby!! Take care.

  36. This is exactly what I have been teaching, whether to clients, friends or family. Whatever you do, have fun with it. Whatever you do make it meaningful. Commit to having fun.
    In my Manifesting Workshop which I held for the first time (whoop whoop) last month, one of the major keys I addressed was to have fun with it. I feel it’s essential to remind each other that we don’t have to be so serious, seriously the more fun you are having, the more you let go, the more you get in the flow of the Universe. I couldn’t agree more with all what you said here and I thank you for putting it out there.
    I love you so much and I am excited to see you tonight at the Alternatives. I will be sitting in the front row (as always) throwing bras and knickers (like at a rock gig) hahaha 🙂 ok maybe not. But I’ll be there, as well as on the first. Woot. xox

  37. Beautiful. What a great reminder. I am going to put extra effort in putting in the joy to push out the stress, starting with gratitude lists and mindful choices. Thank you!

  38. Wow… Thanks for this. When you said the quote, it gave me chills. I used to think that being joyful was selfish because I was taking some joy away from someone else but now I get how silly this thought was. Being in joy just makes it better for everyone and it does bring miracles, I’ve seen it again and again in my life. I feel a little disconnected from my partner right now but instead of over stressing about it, I’ll give joy a try. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for the free manifestation video.

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