Manifest Media for Your Message

I believe that every element and phase of our careers greatly serves our work as spiritual leaders. Maybe your former career taught you important spiritual lessons that you can teach others today. In my case, my first career taught me how to really spread the word about what I love and believe in. From 2001 to 2005 I ran a public relations business. I had no background in PR but I was naturally great at sales. I combined my big mouth with my wild enthusiasm to get really great at publicity. When it came time to step out on my own as a public figure, I intuitively knew how to manifest media for my message.

It is a great pleasure to teach you the techniques I’ve mastered so you, too, can share your message with the world. It’s one thing to have an awesome body of work, but it’s entirely another to make sure people know about it. Now is the time for you to own your worth and get psyched about sharing! Watch this video for my guidance and follow on along on the PDF below.

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