Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body


Gabrielle will give an inspiring lecture and offer an exciting plan for releasing fear and resentment to uncover the blocks to your relationship with your body. Gabrielle will guide you towards miraculous shifts around the perception of your body to find true inner healing.

May Cause Miracles


Watch Gabrielle’s NYC launch lecture of her New York Times bestselling book, May Cause Miracles. In this lecture Gabrielle breaks down the principles of the book in a very exciting way!

Live In The Know


Gabrielle will guide you to release attachments, relinquish the need to control, and surrender to the voice of your intuition.

Miracles in LA


Through guided meditation, Kundalini yoga, and practical tools and exercises, Gabrielle will guide you to break down the barriers you’ve built against a life of flow and miracles.

Love and Miracles

Love and Miracles

Gabrielle teams up with Daily Love founder, Mastin Kipp to offer up practical and spiritual solutions for issues that arise in every area of your life.

Meaning is the New Money

Meaning is the New Money Lecture

Gabrielle Bernstein discusses how you purpose and passion play into financial abundance.

Manifest Your Desires

Manifest Your Desires Lecture

The powerful lessons in this lecture will guide you to clarify your intentions and become unapologetic about what you desire. This talk will heighten your attracting power in every area of your life—from work to romance to friendships.

Awaken Your Authentic Self

Awaken Your Authentic Self Lecture with Gabrielle Bernstein

In this lecture Gabrielle will guide you to tap into your greatest source of power: authenticity. Step into your truth and radiate your presence with the lessons from this talk.



This lecture will guide you to release fear in romance. Gabrielle shares spiritual tools and powerful meditations from her meditation album MediDATING.

Experience Life

Experience Life Lecture

In honor of Gabrielle’s cover of Experience Life Magazine she shares how you can make change stick and grow your spiritual practice.

Dialed Up

In this lecture Gabrielle shares tools for creating inner and outer abundance through the power of intention and positively aligned action. This lecture is designed to demystify the concept of co-creating with the Universe and teach the true purpose of the Law of Attraction.

Spirit Junkie 11/11/11

Spirit Junkie Lectures

In this lecture Gabrielle shares tools from her book Spirit Junkie and guides you to activate and celebrate your miraculous attracting power.


In this lecture Gabrielle will guide you to demystify romantic relationships and deepen your self-love.

Miracle Magnet

Become a magnet for miracles with Gabrielle’s simple process for enhancing your energy and releasing the blocks to your desires.

Expect Miracles

Shift your fear to a miracle mindset with this lecture. Gabrielle will guide you through the spiritual process of changing your perception of the world so your life can truly flow.

The Universe Has Your Back


In this lecture you’ll learn how your intentions create your reality. Gabrielle will share tools for clarifying desires, focusing positive energy and powerful manifestations.

The “F Word”

Forgiveness is the bedrock of a spiritual practice. In this lecture Gabrielle offers up her clear process for practicing the F word in every area of your life so that you can release old attachments and achieve peace.

Inner Rockstar

Are you ready to access your inner rockstar? Be the person you are here to be and show up for the world with your highest potential. This lecture will help you access your true power and share it with the world.


Gabrielle will share spiritual principles for clearing your mind to receive personal, physical and emotional prosperity.

Love Wins

Learn to release all the blocks to calling in a romantic partner.

Cord Cutting Meditation