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Miracle Membership: A Monthly Dose of Inspiration

The Miracle Membership is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, inspirational content mixed with some of Gabby’s archived oldies that really rock. Each month Gabby shares the latest and greatest content (including everything she’s exploring in real time) along with my signature, tried-and-true Gabby tools, lectures and more.




Are you ready to work miracles? Check out New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein’s books on spirituality, personal growth and radical life change.

Meditation Albums


Join Gabrielle on a journey of new perceptions. Expand your inner awareness, melt away stress and anxiety, strengthen your intuition, and become a magnet for miracles with Gabrielle’s guided meditations.

Online Courses


Want to take your journey with Gabrielle to another level? If so, then check out her digital courses. You have the option to watch or listen to all lessons, depending on what’s best for you. Each course provides HD video and audio downloads from each session.



Start your day right – and keep the good vibes with the SPIRIT JUNKIE Alarm Clock. Each morning when your phone alarm rings, an affirmation from Gabby pops up. While you’re still cozy in bed, clear your mind and meditate on the message. Start your day with a positive, confident attitude.